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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

High Quality Educational Worksheets for Your Homeschool, a review

Super Teacher Worksheets offers an Individual Membership that provides unlimited access to a virtual treasure chest of fun, high quality elementary printables, perfect for your homeschool family or co-op class. Our family recently had the opportunity to try out and review this handy resource.

 Super Teacher Worksheets
Whether you are looking for a little extra something for math, phonics, reading, writing, handwriting, grammar, spelling, science, social studies, critical thinking, or just seasonal fun, Super Teacher Worksheets probably has something for you.  In addition to a wide range of premade printables, you’ll also have access to several online generators that will allow you to create your own math practice, quizzes, flashcards, calendars, classroom newsletters, and more. That’s a lot for less than $20/year.

Easy Use

When you log into the Super Teacher homepage, you’ll see that there are categories listed in the left sidebar.
super teacher worksheets home page

"My File Cabinet" at the top of the page will take you to pages you have "filed" for easy reference later. Worksheets can also be downloaded to your computer for offline access.

Click on any of the categories to go its page for a complete listing of all the worksheets available. Here’s the top of the English Language Arts list:

super teacher language arts

Click on a topic to go to that page and access several different printable activities. Here’s the 4th Grade Reading Comprehension page:

super teacher comprehension 4th grade

There's a description for each worksheet or set of worksheets and then some buttons underneath. Click “View PDF” to open the pdf in your browser. You can then save or print it. Click the “CC” to see how the page fits into Common Core. Click “lang” to see what languages it is available in (Funny Faces is available in both English and Spanish). The magnifying glass icon will show you a preview of the entire file and the folder icon will save it to your filing cabinet so you can easily find it later.

Topics that aren’t marked as being for one particular age or grade level in the big topic list will typically have a range of levels on the topic page---each activity will be marked with a suggested grade level or range.

Let’s take a closer look at Funny Faces. This is a comprehension exercise aimed at 4th graders. It includes a 2-page story to read, 2 pages of questions/activities, and answers. Here’s a sample so you can get a feel for the illustration style and page format:

super teacher comprehension funn facesuper teacher comprehension funn face questsuper teacher comprehension funn face ans

I’ve found the site very easy to use. Perhaps the only difficulty is that there is so much to choose from that it can be hard to decide what to use first. Winking smile

How have we been using Super Teachers?

These worksheets have been a great extra for my 3rd grader, Emma---perfect for reinforcing some of our other lessons and filling some gaps.

Some of our favorites have been the mapping worksheets, the secret code math sheets, the “What am I?” brainteasers, and the skip counting sheets. I like the skip counting sheets so much that I laminated them, so Emma can use them over and over again---they’ve been a great complement for a memory program that we are using.

Emma loves the map worksheets. All of the worksheets we’ve used so far have been of professional quality and mistake free.

Super Teacher Worksheets mapping

Super Teacher Worksheets skip countingSuper Teacher Worksheets fun activitiesThe What Am I? brainteasers have been a fun addition each week---we’ve learned some interesting facts about all sorts of topics.  We’re looking forward to trying out some of the science activities and the other math worksheets.

There’s so much more here than what you typically think of when you say the word “worksheet.” Emma never groans or complains when I pull out one of these---they are a fun part of the day.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the other cool printables available at Super Teacher Worksheets:

 Super Teacher Worksheets
 Super Teacher Worksheets
 Super Teacher Worksheets

The predesigned printables alone make Super Teacher a good value for me. The online generators are a big bonus---in addition to creating various math worksheets, you can make crossword puzzles, word searches, Bingo cards, enter questions to make printable tests and quizzes, and even make single-sided flashcards with your choice of color borders. These features make Super Teacher a valuable resource no matter what the ages of your children---there’s a possibility I’ll be using a few of these for the high school level class I’m teaching at our homeschool co-op.

Overall, I like Super Teacher Worksheets a lot. The Individual Membership site provides quality, fun learning materials at an affordable price.

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