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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Growing up with MarshMedia, a review

A long-time provider of high quality, educational videos for the school market, MarshMedia is now making much of their library available to homeschoolers through their Homeschool Special. Get access to 59 videos covering a wide range of important topics including: hygiene, health, puberty education, safety, immune system disorders, head lice, nutrition, character education, and more. I recently had the opportunity to try out and review this subscription-based online streaming service.

MarshMedia review at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Growing up is hard to do.

And supporting our kids as they grow up and change physically, emotionally, and mentally can be a hard job. MarshMedia produces videos to support you in that role from the early days of teaching your child how to properly care for her teeth, to understanding where babies come from, to learning how to deal with bullying, to understanding the changes brought about through puberty, to being aware of the dangers of serious diseases.  If you’ve ever had your child ask a question like “Where do babies comes from?” out of the blue and found yourself tongue-tied, wondering exactly how much information to give or how to explain it in a way that she would understand, these short videos may be just the tool that you didn’t know you needed.

Each video is short, with many running fewer than 15 minutes. The videos are of good production quality, some have catchy songs, some are live action, and some are filled with colorful artwork. It’s a little hard to generalize (there are over 50 videos and they do vary), so I’ll talk specifically about a few we watched to give you some specifics.

A Baby is Born (running time 10:46)

My 8-year-old daughter, Emma, loved this video. It’s aimed at grades 3-5 and goes through the full cycle of development from conception to birth of a human baby. Topics discussed include: the process of fertilization, genetic characteristics, month by month development of the embryo and then fetus, physical changes in the mother, birth of the baby, what determines the sex of the baby, and so forth.  While there is some live action footage throughout the video of families and babies, most of the content is delivered through full color drawings. This is a very frank, clinical discussion of where babies come from, but given in terms that elementary students can understand.

If discussions about sperm and egg fertilization make you squeamish, it might be easier to watch a video about it with your child.

marshmedia baby is born 4

I do recommend pre-watching all of the videos about health and human development, just so you are not caught unaware and can determine if the level is appropriate for your child. There are a couple of scenes in this one that may make some folks uncomfortable. One in particular I’m thinking of is a picture of the baby’s head crowning (it’s a drawing, not a live birth) that caught me a little off guard only because I wasn’t expecting it. It’s not graphic or anything, but I do recommend pre-watching just so there are no surprises for you. Winking smile

Take Care of Your Skin, Hair, and Nails! (running time 16:48)

This video for grades K-3 features Annie Funelli and the Funsters  (three young kids) and teaches kids about the importance of taking care of their skin, hair, and nails and how to go about it.  They’ll learn about germs, insect bites, poison ivy, and more.

marshmedia annies and funsters 1

marshmedia annie and the funsters 2

My rising 3rd grader loved the upbeat music, the colorful sets, and the fact that there were kids her own age in this video. My older kids thought it was annoying, but then they are outside of the target demographic. That’s what headphones are for, right? There are three other videos in the Annie and Funsters series: Take Care of Your Teeth, Take Care of Your Ears!, and Take Care of Your Eyes!

A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up (running time 14:56)

This is a video on puberty and growing up designed for kids with special needs of all ages. It talks about: physical and emotional changes during puberty, external changes, health, hygiene, safety, and privacy. Special care is taken to address each issue in simple terms. The video also makes it clear that certain parts of the body are private.

marshmedia boy growing up

There are anatomically correct drawings showing the physical changes that will happen as a boy grows. They aren’t graphic, just matter of fact, but I recommend pre-watching---only you know what is a good fit for your special needs child.  I previewed this video to decide whether to show it to my son with special needs. I’m comfortable with the content, but haven’t decided whether to show it to him simply because I’m not sure it’s necessary. We’ve already talked about all these issues and he does have an older teenaged brother, so he’s witnessed most of these changes.

Bea’s Own Good (running time 16:18)

This is one video in a series of animal stories aimed at grades K-4, each featuring important character lessons. In this story, Beatrice is a honey bee in the Loire Valley of France who wonders why she’s “not allowed” to do certain things, including going far away from her hive to visit the most beautiful garden in France. She learns that sometimes rules are there for a very good purpose.

marshmedia beas own good

My 8-year-old daughter loves this series and all the stories she has watched so far have been richly illustrated (with slight animation) and well voiced. Other topics have included: not gossiping or spreading false information, being a leader instead of a follower, dealing with teasing, and dealing with bullies.

MarshMedia’s videos are a great tool, whether you want to add a little to your health curriculum or cover a topic you’re squeamish about.

And now through the end of the year, MarshMedia wants to offer you access to all 59 videos for one special price.

If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your home schooler(s) click on the link below for more information:

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

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