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Monday, June 12, 2017

Free Learning Log Printable

Usually I use full-sized assignment sheets added to the front of each child’s binder, but it’s annoying to flip back and forth between the list of stuff to do and the stuff you are doing. Plus, I wanted something that would be friendly to our informal summer schedule and my kids don’t really use binders much over the summer. It just made sense to have something smaller and more portable. This printable Homeschool Learning Log is what I came up with. So far, we are loving them and may continue using them during the school year. They are great for assigned or independent learning and I’m even using one myself.

free learning log-001

Each log is printed double sided on regular, letter-sized (8-1/2" x 11") paper and folded in half into a booklet. I used colored cardstock for the cover for durability and customization (each kid has a color), but if you use colored paper or cardstock, be sure to use a light color that you can easily see printed lines on. I used a long arm stapler to staple the center of each booklet (I’ll give you a hack near the end for using a regular stapler, but you could also sew the center seam  with just a couple of stitches).

The front cover has a place for your child to write his/her name and the dates the log covers. Each log has enough pages to cover 6 weeks of learning (you can add or subtract pages, but keep in mind that there are limits to how many pages you can put into a folded booklet). The back cover has a place to record and give star ratings to books read during the 6 week period.  You can also skip making this into a booklet and add the sheets to a binder (instructions at the end of this post).


Here’s what the covers looks like when you print it:

Learning Log cover

Each page inside covers a week of learning:


I’ve included 2 versions, one has “Assignments” and “Notes” headings over the far left and right columns. Both have abbreviations for all 7 days of the week over the center columns and an shorter slot under those where you can record the date.

How does the Learning Log work?

Write an assignment, activity, or whatever on one of the lines at the left, then you can check off, write pages numbers, write time spent, or whatever under the corresponding days . So, for example, if I wrote “piano” on one line, my child would put a check for each day she practiced piano. If she did a new piano lesson (we use Hoffman Academy), she could write the lesson she completed under the day she completed it.  If my teen is working on a project, he can write the project in the left column and then record how much time he spends on it each day of the week. These are just a couple of examples---use your imagination!

The far right column can be used for other notes, a to do list for the week, whatever works for you and your child.

In the very center of the book, there is a sheet with just lines, which can be used for journaling or more notes.

Assembling the Learning Log

You will print the file on regular paper, letter-sized paper, using the duplex function. Cardstock for the cover is optional. The first “page” of the log is 2 half pages and one will be on the cardstock and the other on regular paper if you use cardstock for the cover.


  • If there’s a setting for “shrink to fit” or changing the size, make sure it is set to “none.”
  • Set it to duplex, then check to see which is the “staple” side. You want to choose the “short” side, either left or right.
  • I recommend doing a test to make sure that it prints correctly before doing several. If you print the booklet and then fold it in half width-wise (so, short side to short side), it should fold on the line between “W” and “Th”.

Print your booklet. It takes a total of 4 sheets to print one.

Stack the pages so that the cover is on top and the journal page is on the bottom (make sure they are all facing the same direction).

Using a long arm stapler, staple the booklet at the halfway mark 1, 2. This coincides with the end of the lines for the book log.


If you look closely when you flip it, you should be able to see that the staples are on the center line of the weekly log pages.


Fold the book along the line where the staples are.


Don't have a long arm stapler? No biggie. You can either:

Fold the book, then punch a few small holes with a tapestry needle, take a needle and thread, stitch a few stitches along that fold line (in place of staples), and then tie it off.

Or, use a regular stapler:

  1. Don’t fold the booklet, yet. Lay it flat on something that will protect your work surface. You can use some thick cardboard or a thick piece of cork (I used a cork trivet make for hot pots for years before I had a long arm stapler).
  2. Open your stapler at the hinge (not to put staples in, but so it is like one long arm instead of a angle).
  3. Line up the head at the center mark and staple straight down through your stack of paper (see the pictures above for placement, you may want to measure with a ruler to make sure you get the halfway mark).
  4. Staple again along the same line.
  5. Now, pick up your booklet and turn it wrong side up. This is the center of your booklet and you will see the ends of the staples sticking up. Use a screwdriver, paper or scissors or another tool to bend down those ends flat. Fold your booklet and you are done.

To download your free Printable Learning Log, click on the photo or name of the version you want:

Free Homeschool Learning Log with Labels

Free Homeschool Learning Log without labels

Learning log labelslearning log no labels

Don’t want a booklet? Just print the weekly log sheets single-sided or set them to duplex with the long side as the “staple” side and you have a simple log to add to a regular binder.

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