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Friday, April 28, 2017

Winding Down the 2017 Homeschool Year

As April comes to a close, our homeschool year is also coming to a close. As the temps reached the 80s today and we started feeling the heat (we don’t have central air in this old house), we started getting antsy about finishing out our current studies. My 7th grader finished her math program earlier this week. I’m just a few lessons away from finishing history with the three younger children.

Winding Down the 2017 Homeschool Year at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

We don’t just goof off over the summer, but we do change what we are doing rather sticking with the same program year round. 

The kids like having more time to pursue their personal interests, play, hang out with friends, and so on. End of May, our family will be traveling to help out with Emmaus Farm. In June, my 11th grader will be heading off on a mission trip. Some of his summer work plans have been foiled---our local pool is under construction, so he won’t be working there this summer.

Our summer plans are shaping up, so it’s time to close out the homeschool year.

The 11th Grader

This evening, the high schooler and I sat down to plan what he needs to do to finish his 11th grade courses. It’s more than I would like, but it looks like (if he applies himself) he can finish most everything in 2-3 weeks. So, he’s a little behind what I expected, but not irrevocably so. He’ll finish his spring semester English course over the summer, which was the original plan (we started it midway through the semester).

He has enjoyed his courses this year, but I think he’s also looking forward to some time off.

The 7th and 5th Graders

As I mentioned before, the 7th grader has finished math already. We may start up with math again and continue it at a slower, vacation pace over the summer to keep it fresh. The 5th grader will not finish his current math book before we go on break---he is using Math U See, and he started it a few years ago, I started him at the beginning with Alpha to make sure he had full conceptual understanding and he has been working through it at his own pace.  At this point, he is almost synced up with the school year, and I expect he will be by the end of next school year.  They will both continue to do other math activities and games over the summer to keep it fresh.

The 5th grader is currently editing the book he wrote for Adventures in Fantasy and will continue to do that until he is happy with the final draft. The 7th grader just has spelling left, which is ongoing and can be dropped and picked up again at any time.

The only other thing they really need to finish to be done is history and I estimate we can finished with that in 1-2 weeks. I’m going to make a push to finish it off and maybe have another week of just fun stuff (like art) before we call it a year. Everything else is negotiable (like art, following the science interests, etc.) and we’ll probably do some of those things over the summer.

The 3rd Grader

She’s pretty much done, except for history (she’s tagging along with her older sibs). She is playing daily math games, reading books, doing book related crafts, creating her own stuff, playing with Lego, and so on…

Today she made me these lovely paper flowers. Aren’t they sweet?


I am looking forward to be done. I will love being able to look back on all we did and learned, but right now I’m kinda sick of what we are doing. Time for “out with the old and in with the new,” know what I mean?

In a few weeks, I’ll post an evaluation of how the year went and what we learned about ourselves (when I’m not in the thick of things).

How is your year going? Are you finishing up or continuing on through? I’d love to hear about it!

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