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Friday, March 31, 2017

Our Tentative 2017-2018 Homeschool Plans

I know, it’s only the end of March, right? But I feel so much better when I have an idea of what it is that we will be doing next year as I finish up this year. Where the kids are at is so much fresher in my mind than it will be come the end of summer, plus now is the time to sign up for online classes and local co-ops…not to mention snag a few spring curriculum deals before they disappear.

Our Tentative 2017-2018 Homeschool PlansI talked about joining a cooperative tutorial for next year and it looks like that is definitely going to happen. I’m still of two minds about it (ok, if I’m honest, more like a half dozen minds), but as a family we have decided to give it a go for a year, with the understanding that it’s not a forever decision.

I’m just going to outline the “courses,” without listing books at this point. Since many of these course are through the co-op and the book lists haven’t been finalized yet, I don’t know 100% what books we will be using for everything. Our tutorial meets 2x per week and follows a Catholic classical model of education. The kids will continue their studies at home, but the work they do for many courses will be outlined by their tutors at the co-op. It is very academically oriented, which is weird for me, as I’m used to seeking enrichment from groups and doing all my academics at home.

Next year will be my oldest’s last year to homeschool. Wow, I can hardly believe it.

For 12th grade, David will be studying:

With the co-op:

  • Ancient World History
  • Ancient Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Chemistry w/ Lab

At home:

  • Pre-Calculus
  • Computer Programming
  • Continuing to improve his art skills

Mary will be entering 8th grade---one more year until high school!

She will continue to learn math at home, though I haven’t finalized which math program. It will probably be Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra or Math U See Pre-Algebra.  Most of her other course work will be with the co-op:

  • Voyages English 7
  • History: Middle Ages
  • Literature: Middle Ages
  • Science 8 (Earth science)
  • Religion 8

She will continue to pursue her creative interests at home and will continue piano with Hoffman Academy.

Peter is entering 6th grade.

He will continue with Math U See at home (Zeta next year) and Hoffman Academy. Most of his other course work will also be with the co-op:

  • Shurley English 6
  • History: Ancient Egypt
  • Literature: Ancient Egypt
  • Science 6 (Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures)
  • Religion 6

Emma is entering 3rd grade. Our tutorial starts at 5th grade, but has a partial program in place for youngers.

With the co-op, she will be participating in  CCMemory Year Alpha and Story of the World: the Middle Ages. We will be using Mystery Science at home. I’m still working out the particulars of the 3 Rs for her. I’m leaning towards a mixture for math, possibly Math Lessons for a Living Education 3 and Making Math Meaningful level 3 (both of which I have on hand), though Beast Academy 2 looks tempting.

For English, we would continue to read, of course, but I get stuck there. It seems I’ve done 3rd grade so many times that I can’t remember how to do it. Winking smile It will probably be a mix of copywork, reading, and narration---my old stand-bys---but it’s fun to look at the new goodies in the catalogs.

So, are you ending a school year sometime in the next few months? Are you working on plans for next year?

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