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Monday, March 20, 2017

Kicking Monday to the Curb

So, what do you do when your 16-year-old starts Monday off by pulling out the record player and your 80s 45s, asking you if there’s any more synth pop with a strong drumbeat to add to the stack he’s working his way through?

Maybe you say, “Hey, dude. It’s Monday, time to put away the records for later.”

Kicking Monday to the Curb and resetting our HomeschoolOr maybe you just go with it. Maybe you listen to “True Faith” more than a few times in a row. And maybe when he asks, “what’s up with this album cover?” you say, “it was the 80s.” And maybe you have a discussion about whether Faith No More was an 80s band or a 90s band and whether you prefer the Pet Shop Boys’ cover of “Always on My Mind” to Willie Nelson’s and if you like them both better than the King’s original.

And maybe he makes lunch for everyone and you sit and watch a documentary about the Gospels. Your second son dutifully does his math and piano lessons and continues to write on his book, because he’s freaking a little that the routine has been totally dismantled. Maybe your 1st daughter reads and creates jewelry designs. And your youngest plays a little too long at an educational website you’re reviewing/beta testing.

After the 16-year-old runs a few errands around town, bumping into your pastor and some friends, he comes back with the mail, and you teach him about about annotation while reading literature and give him a fiction exercise to play with.

And then they all play Wii in the afternoon and threaten to have a Nerf battle (while you secretly hope the Nerf battle doesn’t come off, because somehow Nerf battles always end in tears).

And that, my friends, is sometimes how a day goes.

Somehow it started off-track, but instead of fighting to get it back on-track I decided that we weren’t really off-track. We were just on a different track from our regularly scheduled one.

Sometimes you throw away the schedule and it’s still ok. The book lessons and assignments are not all of life, but sometimes we forget that.  When the other things feel like they were being ignored and forgotten, sometimes you need a reset.

We have reset and we are refreshed. Tomorrow is another day. Don’t ever underestimate the need to live and breathe a bit. It will put a lot of things into perspective.

Do you ever flout your homeschool schedule?

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