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Monday, February 23, 2015

Play Love Laugh---Kid-Safe, Vegetable-based Nail Polish (a review)

Do you have a little girl who loves fancy nails?

Play Love Laugh, Inc. has developed a kid-safe, vegetable-based nail polish that comes in all the trendy colors, including pearls and sparkles. 

I recently had the opportunity to try out their pearly Pink Rose polish with 5-year-old Emma and…

She is in love! 

play love laugh-001IMG_0503


The Pink Rose is her favorite color (it even matches her bright pink ballet leotard). 

This plant-based polish stands up pretty well to her high energy lifestyle---we’ve had lesser polishes completely chip off  within a couple of days.

Ease of use:

Play Love Laugh goes on just like regular nail polish.  I did find that it was thicker and a tad less smooth going on than my Sally Hansen

The finish also has less of a high gloss, but nail polish finishes can vary quite a bit, so it really just depends upon what look you are going for and what polish you normally use. 

Here’s a photographic comparison between the Pink Rose Play Love Laugh and Virtual Violet Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear .  This is shortly after application (I’m going to show you another picture later after a couple days wear):


What we love:

Truly low odor!  Usually my boys can tell that we’ve been polishing nails the instant they walk into a room.  Not so with Play Love Laugh.  My super sensitive 9-year-old didn’t even wrinkle his nose.  It does have a very slight odor, but I couldn’t smell it at all without sniffing the open bottle.  If nail polish normally gives you a headache, this is worth a try.

Dries fast and only needs 2 coats for full coverage.  It also sets/cures much faster than regular nail polish, so an active girl can go back about her business.

Does not require a solvent (aka “nail polish remover”) to be removed!  In fact, if you get a little on your cuticle or finger next to your nail, you can easily rub it off with your fingernail---no messing around with little cotton swabs of remover.

Easy, non-stinky removal---Play Love Laugh is waterproof, but if you soak your nails in warm water (or in the bath), the polish will soften and you can easily peel/scratch it off.  This is a bit of a con, as well, which I’ll get to in a minute.  To re-harden your polish, run some cold water over it.  Another plus---badly chip the polish on one nail? You can easily remove it and polish it again without damaging the polish on your other nails.

IMG_0521Emma soaking her fingertips to remove the Play Love Laugh nail polish.


IMG_0523Peeled off nailpolish


IMG_0522Clean nails after removing Play Love Laugh

Ever have trouble getting all the regular polish off with the remover?  Play Love Laugh comes completely off, leaving no residue. 

More durable on my little girl’s nails than regular nail polish.  Really?  Yes, really.  It does chip, but it seems to hold up a little better.

Here is the Play Love Laugh vs Sally Hansen after 2 days.  Note:  Emma is left-handed.

Right hand:


Left hand:


It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the Sally Hansen polish on her ring finger has a large swath that has rubbed off.  The pointer finger Sally Hansen got messed up within an hour after I put it on---I guess it had not completely set.  I put both polishes on at the same time, so they had equal time to cure before she started playing.  The Play Love Laugh has only chipped at the very fingertips.

Eco and kid friendly!  This polish is made from fruits and veggies and doesn’t have the harmful chemicals you’ll find in the nail polish from your drugstore.   No toxic fumes and no worries about kids who put their fingers in their mouths---my 5-year-old keeps checking her loose tooth, so she often has a finger in her mouth. 

A con:

If you tend to have your hands in hot water a lot (say, you like to shower daily and wash your hair), Play Love Laugh is probably going to be better for your toes---I did try this polish on my own fingernails, because I wanted to see what would happen.  A hot shower and the abrasion from my hair when I washed it took the polish RIGHT off. 

This is minor for me---I don’t generally wear polish on my fingernails anyway and really intended to use this with my little girl.  It’s perfect for her.

Highly recommended:  I think Play Love Laugh nail polish is best suited for young girls (who still have mama washing their hair) and/or toenails.

Visit Play Love Laugh to purchase their nail polish in a rainbow of colors.  Prices range from $5.99 +s&h for a single bottle to $17.99 +s&h for a 3-pack.

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Play Love Laugh and through Tomoson in order to facilitate my review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed here are my own---you know I will always tell you what I really think.

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