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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Free Multimedia Units and Lesson Plans on Polar Bears (grades 4-8)…plus a few bonuses for younger kids

It’s snowing this morning and for some reason that brought back fond memories of a polar bear unit I did way-back-when with my oldest when he was about 9. 

Free Multimedia Units on Polar Bears for grades 4-8, plus bonus freebies for the younger crowd @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds(warning:  ramble ahead, if you hate rambles, skip down to the bolded heading to find the thing you came for)

That unit was put together by Gwen Nicodemus for her own kids and is a little dated (I had to do some hunting to find it, because the old site I had previously downloaded it from is now defunct), but still usable.  You can find it, as well as units on several other topics, here---read it before you use it as it was originally offered as a “shareware” requesting $5 remittance to the author if you used it, but the payment info is out of date and she’s uploaded it to this newer site without updating that, so it would seem it is free to use now.

But, after hunting up Gwen’s unit (which was an excellent and rare find several years ago), I wondered, hmmm….what good stuff is available now?  So I did some digging and I found a truly great resource aimed at grades 4-8 for studying polar bears that deserves a post all on its own, but I did want to include something for younger kids…because so many of us have kids from multiple age groups, so there’s a little bonus a the bottom. 

Great Free Resource to Learn about Polar Bears (grades 4-8)

Polar Bears International has put together a page full of free downloadable lesson plans with overlapping multimedia unit plans to teach your kids about these arctic mammals.

Honestly---the amount of material here is incredible. 

There are 6 different downloadable lesson plans that include activities, teaching materials, and links to support materials such as powerpoints and videos linked right in the pdf. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the online unit plan pages (many of which are designed to coordinate with one or more lesson plan(s))are packed with links to online resources including:  archived webcasts, videos, maps, informational webpages, links to scientists’ articles, powerpoints, etc.

If you have a child in the middle grades who is wild for polar bears, you might spend a week (or more on this site).

I promised a bonus---

If you have some younger kids who would like to join your polar bear studies, you might pick up a few books from the library, including:

The Magic School Bus #13:  Polar Bear Patrol

Magic Tree House #12:  Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #16:  Polar Bears and Arctic (companion for MTH #12)

Pair these free printables with them:

Polar Bear Patrol Lapbook

Polar Bear Past Bedtime Chapter Questions

Free Polar Bear Lapbook

Lapbook elements for Polar Bears and the Arctic (scroll down a little)

You might also like these other free learning resources at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.


What topics are you studying in your homeschool right now?

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