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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

O Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

I admit it…I love it that my husband put the lights on the tree and let the kids loose to decorate it all on their own…IMG_0405

The 14-year-old doesn’t know that I got him in this one…please pardon the fuzziness (in all the others he is just a blur running to get out of the shot).IMG_0409

Unwrapping decades of carefully stored memories…IMG_0410


IMG_0422IMG_0424IMG_0425The kids hunted for old G. K. amongst the crumpled wrappings.IMG_0419

Yes, there is a Christmas Frankenstein monster on my tree.IMG_0420

I briefly thought about removing the beat up fireman’s hat (can you spot it?) and reshooting this picture…but, no, this is my real (though not alive) Christmas tree.  I did kick away the Duplo that was scraggling under the tree.  No point in letting it all hang out, right?IMG_0418

Those gifts?  Most of them are little gifts the children have been busily making for each other and our relatives.  Methinks I may need to buy more tape and wrapping paper.

Do you have a Christmas tree?  Share a link if you’ve posted pictures!

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