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Friday, May 9, 2014

FREE Printable: Our Family’s Dream Homeschool

It seems like I’ve got new curriculum catalogs filling up my mailbox every day.  It’s easy to get confused by the plethora of great homeschool products out there, especially with new ones appearing every year.  So today I’m blogging over at The Homeschool Post on Blinded by Shiny, New Curricula? 3 Tips to Keep on Track.

One of the things I talk about in that post is figuring out your overall goals for your homeschool journey.  In that vein, I’ve created something special just for you!
Our Family’s Dream Homeschool is a FREE printable, 15-page packet designed to help you work through what your family wants to achieve by educating your kids at home and how you’re going to get there. 

Whether you are brand new to home education or have been at it for awhile, but want to get a fresh perspective on what you are doing, this packet is for you.
Our Family’s Dream Homeschool is a FREE printable, 15 page packet designed to help you work through what your family wants to achieve by educating your kids at home and how you’re going to get there.  Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
There are 4 sections:
  1. My Homeschool Vision deals with your family’s overall goals and your personal vision for your homeschool.  You might consider having your spouse or partner complete a copy of this section, too.
  2. Child Profile will help you to create a profile for each of your children that includes their needs, learning preferences, passions, and aspirations.  You will print one copy of this section for each of your children.
  3. Our Family’s Dream Homeschool will help you bring together your vision with your child’s.
  4. Curriculum Possibilities contains a form you can use to keep track of possible resources that fit your family’s vision.

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Know any new homeschoolers?  This packet could be a great help to them.

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  1. This is great, Susan! I'm sharing.

    1. Thanks, Leah! I hope that someone is blessed by this packet. :)

  2. Hey Susan,

    This is a really great resource, something that I don't see. Thank you so much for sharing this on the homeschoollinkup!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. And thank you for providing a great homeschool link-up. :)

  3. Thanks so much for this!! Super helfpul! =)

  4. I am starting homeschooling in the fall, so I will definitely be putting this to good use! Thank you!

  5. Thanks!!! I love this! It's a good tool to really getting into setting our homeschooling vision. I am barely starting out and this really helps so I can stay focused on the long term vision as well! :)

  6. I'm glad to see so many are finding this helpful! :)

  7. Thank you so very much for doing this. I am finishing up my 2nd year of homeschooling with three little ones. This year felt kind of all over the place. I know God called our family to this lifestyle. I just need to write the vision and make it plain, so that we can run with it!!!! Thanks again.

  8. Thank you! My husband and I are seriously contemplating homeschooling and this will be a great way to define our goals and explore more on whether or not it's for us!

    1. You're welcome! I hope you find it helpful. :)

  9. Great post!!!
    Thank you for sharing tips. I would definitely try homeschooling my child.


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