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Monday, April 14, 2014

Art---Just DO IT!

Ok, I admit it!  I got hung up on things like “artist studies” and “picture studies.” 

I worried too much over appreciating the masters and following a “program.”

The end result was that with all my time spent researching things like art curricula and the philosophy behind teaching art…well, not much actual art was getting done.

I also worried about mess.  Paint.  Ick.

You know what?

A little mess can bring a lot of joy.

Art...Just DO It!  at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

It’s ok to put away the formal lessons, at least for a time.  Sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

Sometimes you just need to DO it!

I bought some higher quality watercolor, paints, and brushes, broke out the oil pastels.  We popped in a Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD---I was nervous about this purchase.  I have bad luck with purchased “art plans.”

It was probably one of the best purchases I’ve made this school year.

They dug in.  They created.  

Emma oil pastelEmma (age 5) impressed us with her still life.


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsMary (age 10) liked working with the oil pastels, too.


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsDavid’s (age 14) watercolor landscape


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsMary’s watercolor


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Peter’s watercolor with oil pastel accents.


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Emma working on her watercolor of a fire demon


Art...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsArt...Just DO It! at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Someone has been watching “Genesis of the Daleks”

They are still creating.  They want to do art every day…how can I refuse?

So here are my words of wisdom for you today---Do the art. 

Don’t read about.  Do it. 

Find a little something to get you started.  It doesn’t need to be a complete program on the principals of art.  You just need a foothold.  Get some supplies and step back and see what happens.

This has been a fun way to finish each “school” day.

Do you have trouble getting art done?


  1. These are wonderful! I do find that I just have to jump into art projects and embrace the mess.

    1. Thanks, Mother of 3. Yes, sometimes you just have to embrace the mess. :)


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