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Monday, January 27, 2014

44 Awesome Free Resources to Study Art and Music!

This is the final week of the 2014 Virtual Curriculum Fair and our theme is:
Seeking Beauty: the Arts and Everything
that Brings Beauty to Our World

This includes any of the arts, handicrafts, but also ANYTHING at all that adds beauty to your homeschool.

Art and Music in Our Homeschool

This year I was going to go all out for art and music study.  I bought a schedule, bought all the necessary books and resources.  CDs.

Then my CD player quit.  And my printer stopped communicating with my computer.  And life happened.  As a result, I’ve been hobbling along all year with this fantastic program.  You know what?  It doesn’t matter how fantastic a program is unless it gets done!

My fine arts failure inspired me to update and add even more to the Ultimate Free Art and Music resource list I researched and put together for the 2013 VCF---because this is just what I needed to perk up our art studies for the rest of the year.

Here it is!

44 Awesome FREE #Homeschool Resources for #Art & #Music @Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Now let me give you a little caveat…when it comes to studying art and the artists who create it, I always, always recommend that parents preview websites and materials. 

The internet can be beautiful, but also very weird and scary.   I have looked over these sites, I’ve used some of them pretty extensively, but some are also new to me and I have not looked at every pixel or word on any site (except my own).  Plus, my idea of propriety is likely different from yours. There’s no replacement for parental guidance.

Art Appreciation and Picture Study
1.  Concordia University offers free art appreciation courses for download for grades 1-8.  Each course has 10 lessons which each featuring a different artist.

2.  ArtyFactory provides free online art, design, and art appreciation lessons.  You’ll find lesson plans covering a wide variety of topics, including Ancient Egyptian Art, learning about perspective, color theory, historical art movements, and more.  This site primarily has information to read, pictures, and suggested activities.

3.  Meet the Masters is a free to download 247 page pdf that includes all you need to introduce elementary kiddos (K-5) to history’s great painters. Includes full color prints of the masters’ works (you can print them on high quality paper or just view them on your computer), discussion questions, and art activities.

4.  The Art Project powered by Google has virtual tours of art museums around the world.

5.  Famous Paintings: Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids has been a wonderful resource for art appreciation. I ask the children to choose a picture that interests them and then we explore that artist. Includes biographical information and other works.

6.  The Walters Museum in Baltimore (we’ve been there!) has a neat interactive flash site called Integrating the Arts…you’ll find information and visuals about some of the museums pieces there.
7.  The National Gallery of Art Kids (NGA Kids) has a plethora of interactive online activities for exploring art.

8.  Asian Education is a site devoted to the Asian arts.  You’ll find background info, videos, and lesson plans, all designed to teach the history and beauty of unique works of art.

9.  If your kiddos like mysteries, they might like A. Pintura: Art Detective, an interactive mystery story that introduces the masters through some elements of their art and images of actual masterpieces. The developers also have another art adventure called Inside Art and an interactive Artist's Toolkit where you can experiment with the "tools" artists use.

10.  Coloring pages of famous works of art.  (Warning:  pop-up ads, I recommend pre-printing for the kiddos)

11.  Enchanted Learning also has “famous” coloring pages, including several that can be colored on-line.

Art History
12.  Mark Harden's Artchive is a tremendous resource of information on art and artists

13.  Khan Academy has an impressive library of free videos for teaching art history.

14.  Free PowerPoint presentations to download on art history and architecture, plus links to more resources, including interactive activities for kids.  You’ll find presentations on ancient art, medieval art, and more.

Artist Study
15.  The Museum of Science has an interactive site on Leonardo Da Vinci.

16.  Nadene at Practical Pages offers free resources for artist study, including Famous Artist Wall Chart, Artist biography notebook pages, and a Famous Artist lapbook.

17.  The Notebooking Fairy offers a variety of free art related notebook pages for a range of art related topics, including Greek architecture, Impressionism, and Georgia O’Keefe copywork, plus a couple of composer pages.

Art Instruction
18.  DrawSpace features dozens and dozens of free drawing lessons written by Brenda Hoddinott which can be viewed online or downloaded as pdfs

19.  The ABCs of Art is a series of handouts in the elements and principles of art from Awesome Artists, available both in color and in black and white.

20.  Hodgepodge has 50 free art lessons featuring chalk pastels and acrylics.

21.  Free Getting Started with Pastel Art video lessons

22.  The Virtual Instructor has over 130 video art lessons, from drawing to painting.   The owner of this site is a high school art teacher and also provides free middle school and high school lesson plans.

23.  KinderArt provides free art lesson plans including art history, architecture and various media.

24.  See the Light offers 7 free video lessons---these serve as a preview for the DVDs they have for sale, but they are stand alone lessons.

25.  Dick Blick, known for providing fine artist's tools and affordable craft supplies, has pages of free lesson plans you can download as PDFs. Some even include online video lessons.

26.  A well-known illustrator of children’s books, Jan Brett, has a page of video drawing lessons on her site.

Music Appreciation
27.  The Piano Guys---these guys simply exude joy while they play.  Highly recommended.
28.  Harmony Art Mom has a number of free art and music resources on her site, including a 6-week study of Monet and Mendelssohn, Summer Art Show printables, and high school music appreciation e-books.

29.  Free PowerPoint presentations to download on orchestra, music, composers, music theory, Peter and the Wolf, and more.

30.  Living Life Intentionally has a great (really great!) free Music Lapbook (60 pages in the file), plus additional links to resources.

Composer Study
31.  Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs has a composer timeline and images of famous composers suitable for coloring.

32.  Homeschool Notebooking has a free composer notebooking set.

33.  Classics for Kids is a free website with biographical info on composers, educational games, and more.

Music Instruction
34.  Free sheet music and music lessons (including music theory) at

35.  Keyboard and music theory lessons at Garden of Praise (you can download them as a pdf).

36.  PianoNanny has online piano lessons.

Other Fun Stuff
37.  Your kids might also enjoy Waltee’s Quest:  The Case of the Lost Art, an interactive game, also maintained by the Walters Museum (this looks really well done).

38.  Albright-Knox Art Gallery has an interactive website for kids called ArtGames.

39.  The Art Institute of Chicago has an interactive site for young kids featuring stories, match-ups, and playing with artworks.

40.  Free online drawing tools:
41.  Canon Creative Park is chock full of paper models to print and assemble, plus other craft projects.

42.  PaperToys has a huge variety of paper models you can print, cut-out and assemble.

43.  The Toymaker also has a large selection of paper toys.

44.  Harmony Art Mom has a sketching assignment each week that your children can participate in called Sketch Tuesday.

This is not (by far) an exhaustive list!  In fact, I think some of my friends my have more resources for you.

Want an easy visual reference?  I’ve created a pin-board with all the sites on this list that were pin-able (and I’ll add new ones as I come across them).

What is your favorite free online resource for teaching the arts?
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  1. I'm extremely impressed with this list and look forward to exploring the resources. - Julie -

    1. Wow! That is quite a list! I am off to check out Meet the Masters...thank you, Susan!

  2. Thank you!!!
    I'm in the midst of planning for our new school year and this list is a wonderful blessing.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful list of resources! It is our first year of homeschooling and this is very helpful!

  4. meet the masters leads to a virus page

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you so much for letting me know. I have updated the link. -Susan


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