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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last minute Homemade {EASY} Gifts for a Small Budget

As I said in my last post, giving of ourselves is a good thing.

And time is probably the most precious gift I can give. 

Making something with your own two hands seems to say, “You are so worth my time.” 

And it’s a great way to share you’re time with people you can’t be right there with, whether because of distance or other logistics.

Here are some links to easy homemade gifts that I’ve featured here in the past.  Most of them require minimal expertise and inexpensive materials.

Make Your Own Natural Skin Cream, a great Christmas gift!  Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

This skin cream recipe only requires olive oil and beeswax.  Make a pretty label for it and it will make a great gift.

Make your kids a fort kit for Christmas!  Tutorial at Homeschooling Heart & Minds

Make your kids a fort kit…it’ll keep them busy for hours.  Use old sheets, or lengths of fabric, whatever you happen to have.

Easy Funky Scarf Tutorial---give a funky gift this holiday season!  Homeschooling Heart & Minds

Make this funky scarf using one skein of yarn you can buy at Walmart for about $3.50.

Lovely Kaleidoscope Coasters---a Christmas gift they'll use year round.  Tutorial at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Make these lovely Kaleidoscope Coasters with inexpensive yarn (couple bucks for a huge skein) and plastic canvas (about a $1 or so for one set of coasters).  It’s easy and soon you’ll find yourself designing your own patterns. 

A beautiful Christmas gift the kids can make!  Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Give a book with a beautiful bookmark inside.  This is a great craft for the kids.

Don't just give pictures---make a lovely keepsake!  Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Turn your pictures into a fine keepsake.  This was created using My Memories Suite, but you could also use any other graphics or picture manipulating program.  I’ve had good luck creating 8 x 10s and having them printed with Walmart’s one-hour photo.  Pop it in a frame (hey, you could even decorate the frame!) and you have a lovely gift.

There are more homemade gift ideas at the Homemade Holiday Link-up I hosted a couple of years ago. 

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