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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year to Sparkle!

Just yesterday I was saying that I keep having these revelations, moments of inspiration, and then I read something I wrote a while back and realize that I’ve had this thunderbolt moment before.

Half a year ago, I said:

It doesn’t have to take destruction or heartache to gain a new view of your life.  Sometimes it’s the small things, like clearing a cluttered shelf of long forgotten stuff you’ve been carrying around for who knows how long because you’ve forgotten why.

Clearing the wool out of my head and the cobwebs out of my soul, taking a step into the sunlight on a sweltering day, squinting into the cloudless sky and thinking, “Enough.”  This is what it comes to when there are too many things that you do because, well, you do them thinking you have to…

I was talking about the need to reach beyond the stuff that has to be done. I was feeling mired in the everyday.  Sometimes you need to take a breath, gain your bearings, and…

…Sparkle a Bit.

Because that stuff that needs to be done, the everyday stuff will always be with us.  No one’s going to regret not sweeping the eleven-teenth time or having a few dirty dishes in the sink at the end of her days.


But I am going to regret the dreams that remained only dreams and faded away to nothing because they were never even approached.  I  

I fully believe that each of us was created just as we are for a reason, that there’s a unique journey for each of us in this life, and that our dreams, our aspirations are a part of that.

Half a year ago I was inspired to do something about it.  But, you know what?

I have a real talent for getting a great inspiration, having every intention of running with it, and then tripping before I ever even reach the first hurdle.

I get knocked down.  And I get up again, but I get distracted by the everyday things.  I get distracted by other people’s ideas.  I forget what I’m about.

I was ready to Sparkle.  But I didn’t have a Plan to Sparkle.

Last year, all my concrete plans were about the getting the everyday stuff in order.  I hadn’t formed real goals for actually fulfilling those dreams.  They remained these flights of fancy that I would somehow find time to do.

I need a plan y’all.  Without a plan, or at least a next step to follow, I fritter away my free moments on FB, research homeschool curricula, or reorganize a cabinet, but never get around to doing what it is that I want to be doing.

Those dreams and aspirations have become these wispy phantoms, again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sparkling the last couple of months, maybe because I’ve been feeling decidedly Not-Sparkly.  I look in the mirror and I see a grim face with a furrowed brow.

Right now, I’m working on my plan.  Not a gridded schedule.  Not numbers and figures.

I plan to Sparkle in 2014.

I hope to share some of those plans with you soon.  I am envisioning myself a year from now…what will I be doing then?  And then I’m planning the steps to get there.  My vision involves writing, learning some new skills, and creating beautiful things. 

It’s a vision that’s been in my mind and heart for quite some time, but I’ve been too afraid to pin it down, name it, and pursue it.  After all, you can’t fail if you don’t try, right?

But you can’t Sparkle if you don’t try either, that’s the rub.

How do you plan to Sparkle in 2014?

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  1. SPARKLE!! I love it. :) Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Yes! I hear you! All I can say is that I know exactly what you're saying and I'm right there with you. I'm hoping 2014 will be my year to sparkle, too. My word this year is Purpose -- remembering that there is a reason I'm here and not losing sight of it in all my to-do lists.

  3. Thank you ladies!

    It's so hard to pick one word. Purpose is a good one, Sara.


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