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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 3: Prehistory at Its Finest

So, after I had my meltdown last week

and Emma tried to recover the desk chair in blue painter’s tape…


we continued to learn about prehistoric man and his development from nomadic hunter gatherers to farmers.  I won’t bog you down with our conventional studies (you don’t care what chapters I read in Story of the World or David read in Human Odyssey).  I think you already know I’m a little weird.  I like skip off the beaten path a bit and study things that not everybody would (or would even want to) study…

011No study of man as he was before written history would be complete without learning about Ötzi, the mummified stone-age man found frozen in the Italian Alps.  We enjoyed reading Frozen Man by David Getz and viewing an older program from the Discovery Channel that explores the forensic evidence---Iceman:  Hunt for a Killer.   In fact, that photo on the left if the expression Mary had on her face when they saw a close-up of the mummy and she said, “That’s disgusting!”  Good heavens, who knew a 9-year-old girl could be so bemused by disgusting things?

To wrap up Ötzi (ugh, did I say that?), here’s the notebook page almost 8-year-old Peter created:

Peter's notebook page of Otzi the frozen man.


All the kids created cave drawings using oil pastels as we learned about the real cave paintings in our Ancient Art study we’re using from Harmony Fine Arts.

Oil pastels are cool!  I think Peter’s really got the hang of them.  I don’t know why we haven’t used them sooner…okay, I do know why…I have a phobia about potentially messy art supplies.  Paint makes me cringe.  Playdough and clay doesn’t, though.  Go figure?

007Peter’s (8 later this month)

Apparently, not only did nomadic prehistoric man have to hunt for his food, he had to deal with fire-breathing dragons, too.


008David’s (age 13)


009Mary’s (age 9)

Fire, of course.  Can you see the little sparks?



Emma’s (age 4)

It was definitely a week of ups and downs, but we’re still chuggin’ along. 

Friday afternoon David comes to me and says, “Are we doing any formal school today?” 

“We’ve been doing school all day,”  I replied.

“Well, yeah, we’ve been learning a lot of fun stuff, but it’s been very unschooly.”


What unusual  thing did you study this week?  Or did you learn something in an unconventional way?

Don’t forget to snag my free Timeline of the Ancient World designed for notebooking.

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  1. Oh, we like to take odd little detours too. Most people around here think it's a bit odd and some think it's wrong. I think it's fun and seriously interesting! We are taking a pre history, early man detour from story of the world and i found your blog here! Thanks!


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