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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Up Next…Ancient World History!

affiliateUp Next:  Ancient World History @Homeschooling Hearts & MindsFor some reason, the beginning of written history is my favorite-est part of the history cycle.  Maybe it’s because it’s so far away, back in the mythical past?  Maybe it’s because I didn’t really learn about the ancient world until I was teaching my own kids about it?  

It’s been 6 years since we last studied mummification, gladiators, and the Via Appia (I know, I know, we haven’t exactly stuck to a classical 4 year cycle, so sue me), and I’m itching to dive into these books again.

Now if I could just convince the kids to stop “stealing” my books, disappearing with them into hidden corners of the house, and reading all the year’s studies before we get to them.


Take a look at this stash.

Tales from the Odyssey

Stack of ancient world history books 1

Stack of Ancient World History books 2

Can you spot the book that doesn’t really quite belong?

I know, KNOW that there’s a book or two around here on Mesopotamia…

Hmmm…with my luck they will turn up at the end of the year.

This year, I jumped into using Sonlight to study the Eastern Hemisphere with the kiddos.  It was nice having everything all laid out and planned. 

But the reality is that in my world, the best laid plans don’t every really pan out.  We did learn a lot, yes!  But something was missing.  Maybe it was because someone else picked out all the books (and good books they were, for the most part).  I’m working out a plan using the books I already have.  It might involve these, too:

History Odyssey and Human Odyssey

And it might involve some other books I don’t have, yet. 

One feature will be that my oldest, who is entering 8th grade, will be working more independently.  One of the things I like about History Odyssey is that it can absolutely be done independently by him…it just seems not quite up to his level, but the high school level of that program seems like a little too much for him.

I think there will be some tweaking going on as I get this all figured out.

8th grade is a hard place to be…there’s still some maturing that needs to happen for him to tackle high school level work, and yet much of the “middle school” stuff doesn’t seem quite challenging enough.  I’m also getting Creek Edge Press’s Ancient World task cards (found a good deal used), so I’ll wait until those come to decide for sure.  My feeling is that you can always ADD more to something, but it might be harder to take away from something that’s too difficult.

For the younger kids, I’m leaning towards using  The Story of the World: Ancient Times as a spine and adding in from my ancient world library as appropriate.  If they don’t read it all first.

I’m looking forward to it.  I think it will be a great year.

What are you studying next in your homeschool? 

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  1. We are starting The Story Of The World- Ancient Times in August, I can't wait!

  2. We are using Story of the World Ancient Times and will be using Mystery of History when N is in highschool

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should start a Story of the World- Ancient Times link-up? I know you are on a different schedule, Chareen, but you'd have the advantage of showing me what's coming up in the future. ;)


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