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Thursday, May 9, 2013

FREE Butterfly Preschool Printables!


In honor of my precocious 4-year-old, this week’s freebie for Release the Butterflies is a set of beautiful, full-color  preschool printables, including memory cards, number cards, and more! 

Free Preschool Butterfly Printables @Homeschooling Hearts & MindsI’ll think you’re going to like them (I know Em will, once I have some color ink).

I created these goodies (with permission) using elements from the Release the Butterflies digital scrapping kit by Digi Cyber Scraps.  These printables are free for personal use.  If you like them enough to share, please direct your friends to this page. 


Click on each of the headings to download.  Enjoy!


Release the Butterflies Memory Cards (2 pages)

Print on cardstock, laminate (or not) and cut apart.  These can be used to play Memory, or print extra copies and practice making pattern sequences.

butterflies memory cards 1butterflies memory cards 2


Butterfly Alphabet Matching Cards (5 pages)

“Tall” and “short” letters to match up.  Print on cardstock, laminate (or not) and cut apart.  Use to practice matching capital and lower case letters, as alphabet sequencing cards, or for Alphabet Memory.  Features 26 different butterflies.

butterfly alphabet cards


Release the Butterflies Preschool Number Sequencing Cards (5 pages)

Print on cardstock, laminate (or not) and cut apart.  You could use these for sequencing numbers, counting, matching written numbers to objects,…lots of possibilities.  You could even make a mini office with these.

butterflies number cards 1butterflies number cards 2butterflies number cards 3butterflies number cards 4butterflies number cards 5


Release the Butterflies Coloring Matching Cards (4 pages)

Print on cardstock, laminate (or not), and cut apart.  You could use these for sorting colors or flowers and butterflies, or match the color to the color word.

butterflies color cards 1butterflies color cards 2butterflies color cards 3butterflies color cards 4

Release the Butterfly Patterns (1 page)

This is a little cut and paste activity.  If you wanted, you could print it on cardstock and cut all the butterflies apart so your preschooler can sort them or build her own sequences.

butterflies patterns


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How are you going to use your butterfly printables?

Disclosure:  The graphics I used to create these printables are all elements from the Release the Butterflies scrapbooking kit by Digi Cyber Scraps.  Elements were used with permission.  While I received the kit for free, I receive no compensation for using this kit.


  1. These are Great!

    Currently, we are in the middle of finishing up, our Spring unit Study. I am sure these Butterfly pintable's will be a Great Addition. Thanks for sharing them :)

    ~> Below is a link to some free learning games. There are some Butterfly themed ones on there. I thought maybe someone might also want to use them in addition to your freebie too ;)

  2. Thank you so much. We are going to be starting our Bb:Butterfly unit in a couple of weeks and these will be so very nice to include.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you to Keri. These games will be great for my girls. We are actually on our Ii:Insect unit right now and will be starting Bb:Butterfly in a couple of weeks. The girls are going to have a blast!

  4. I have been enjoying your butterfly counting printables with my almost 4 year old. They are beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Great summer school activity for my preschooler. She loved it!


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