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Friday, February 1, 2013

Time to Detox!

Let me just be real for a few minutes. 

I’ve got a problem and I think I’m probably not the only one out there with this problem.

My problem is that I am too easily sucked into things that fritter away my time and kill my drive.

Like Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook is a good thing.  I have a lot of Facebook friends, both irl (in real life) friends and those I’ve only met online.  Some of those friends are people I met briefly, but have been able to keep in touch with online.  I want to continue to nurture these relationships.

But, it’s so very easy to get sucked into the FB newsfeed.  Too easy to get so involved in your little groups…

And then there are forums that I belong to…

And then there’s always something else that I want to look up on the world wide web.

Yeah, I’m addicted to my computer.  I mean that. 

It’s a real problem.

But it’s not like being addicted to drugs, or even sugar, or ebay auctions…I can’t simply give it up without losing a really big part of my world.

Then there’s the simple fact that the internet is part of our homeschool.  I’ve got things like reviews coming due soon and groups to moderate and, well, walking away doesn’t seem to be the answer.

I’ve prayed about this a lot the past several days. 

I need to take charge of my internet time, to maximize my productivity when I do use it, and to minimize it’s overall influence on my time.

But first, I need to DETOX. 

That means that I just need to turn it off a couple of days---I have something I’m obligated to check over the weekend, but beyond the few minutes that takes to accomplish.  No internet for me!

Have you got any unproductive habits in your life that you’d like to shed?

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