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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All About Gardens and Farming---30 FREE Resources!

30 FREE online learning resources on gardening and farming at http://homeschoolheartandmind.blogspot.comSpring is coming---or maybe I’m just impatient for winter be over?  I’ve got visions of gardening and tender young plants dancing in my head.  It’s a little too soon to do much more than plan and dream, but it’s not too soon to switch gears in our homeschool and to learn about plants, gardening, and agriculture.  If you’re like me, though, you’ve already spent this school year’s budget…what to do?  Fortunately, there are lots of great free online resources just a click away!

This list includes a mix of gardening, plants, farming and agriculture---I think there’s something for everyone, here!

Note: All links have been checked as of 8/23/2016 and broken links have been indicated.  There are still 26 high quality resources in this list.


A note about free resources:  there are a lot of free things out there that nobody would pay money for, ever.  My goal here is to direct you towards some free, but genuinely worthwhile stuff.  None of these links will lead you to one poorly-drawn coloring page or a two-page sample from someone trying to sell you a more complete product.

Gardening and Plant Unit Studies

1. Roscommon Acres offers a free unit study on Developing Christian Character through Gardening.

2. Heidi Spietz has put together a wonderful free Montessori unit study on gardening (with a summer focus).

3. Gardening indoors?  Here’s a link to a free indoor gardening unit study by Elece Hollis of Home School Enrichment Magazine.

4. Gwen Nicodemus has a free unit study on seeds and another one on water.  No longer available. (8/23/16)

5. Oklahoma Homeschool has a free botany unit.

6. Ellen McHenry has a free botany study to download, a lapbook, and a large number of activities and games to print and use.  I love Ellen’s work!

Garden and Plant Lapbooks and Printables

7. Homeschool Creations has a large, very well done full-color printable preschool pack on gardening (Emma will love this!).

8. DLTK has a cute gardening mini-book to print and assemble (primary grades).

9. Homeschool Share has a free lapbook and printable pack designed to go with Amanda Bennett’s Gardens unit study (no, AB’s study isn’t free, but the printables could be used with other free resources).

10. Lapbook Lessons has a free gardening lapbook.

11. 1+1+1=1 has a free flowers and plants lapbook.

12. Maybe Montessori has a printable template for making a felt “flower puzzle” to explore the different parts of a flower.  (The author of Maybe Montessori has apparently switched that blog to private instead of public, so this resource is not accessible.  I’m leaving the link here in case the permissions change.) Still inaccessible (8/23/16)

13. Temple of Ganesha has a Montessori unit on leaves (36 pages) aimed at older students (even middle school or high schoolers could use this one).

14. Living Montessori Now has a whole passel of links to more great printable Montessori resources on botany and gardening.

Farm Unit Studies

15. Down on the Teaching Farm as a full page of various resources for doing a farm unit study.  There are book suggestions (which you may find at your library), but also plenty of links to free resources and printables if you scroll down.

16. Living Montessori Now has put together a great pinboard of free resources to use for a farm unit study.

17. Mrs. Kilburn’s Kiddos has an extensive list of resources for doing a “Down on the Farm” unit study. No longer available for free. (8/23/16)

Farm Printables

18. Kidzone has a number of farm-themed printables.

19. Activity Village has a variety of farm related printables, including animal lacing cards, farmyard notebooking pages, and more.

20. Busy Bee Kids Printables has farm animal dominos, mazes, stationery and more for you to print out.

21. 1+1+1=1 has a super cute farm tot-book for your little ones.

Miscellaneous Garden and Farming Goodies

22. Cornell University offers many free lessons, projects, and booklets pertaining to gardening and agriculture. This resource is no longer available (8/23/16)

23. Aggie Horticulture has slide shows on composting and gardening for kids.

24. Agriculture in the Classroom has virtual farming tours, links to resources for science projects, and interactive links to other info about agriculture.

25. Another site also called Agriculture in the Classroom (!)  offers a number of free downloadable printables, including farm-themed math, craft projects, and more.

26. My American Farm is loaded with free cross-curricular interactive games designed to practice skills and learn more about American agriculture.

Coloring Pages

27. Free coloring pages of flowers and handwriting worksheets for the primary grades (includes daisy, lily, poinsettia, and more).  The same site also has farm animals coloring pages.

28. Alphabet Soup also has farm animal coloring pages.

29. Kid Printables has miscellaneous gardening related coloring pages.

30. The USDA has a free downloadable coloring and activity book on George Washington Carver (known for his research in plants and crops).


Do you have any other free learning resources for the coming spring?

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Homeschool FreeBEE Friday. I pinned this on many different Pinterest boards. Good post! :)

  2. Ohhh, pinning! I plan on reading Seed Babies with my oldest this spring, so this will give us some fun extras!

  3. Yes, there are several things here that would go great with Seed Babies. Thanks for pinning!

  4. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for putting it all together!!

    I found you through Enchanted Homeschooling Mom's blog hop! :)

  5. These are wonderful! We have a winter garden planted--broccoli, strawberries (still waiting), kale, cauliflower, spinach and lettuce. :)

  6. Thank you, ladies!

    April, I need to work harder at trying to garden through more of the year.

    Thank you for visiting!

  7. I'll have to go through some of this with my boys! :-)

  8. I'd been looking for a list like this! Thanks so much. Sharing on my fb page and pinning.

  9. Great list but I thought you'd want to know that the maybe Montessori link ends up at a not authorized page.

  10. Thank you, Judi. Apparently the author of Maybe Montessori changed it to private since I published this list. I've updated the post to reflect that.



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