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Monday, December 17, 2012

DO-ing It With Love

DO-ing isn’t just about being practical and productive.  While I’d love to completely organize my home and never be threatened by clutter again, and while I’d love to fulfill some of my life-long dreams or conquer same age-old fears…this challenge is really about trying to be all we can be in the time we have here on earth.

089Sometimes that means joining hands with a little one, skipping to the park, and spending an hour watching her climb like a monkey and slide like a…oh, I dunno, a slithery 3-year-old, I guess?

Sometimes it means instead of cleaning the kitchen, you dirty every pan in the house and “open a bakery” of handmade treats for family and friends.

Sometimes it means calling that friend you’ve known since the 4th grade, but hardly ever find the time to talk to and spending some of those anytime minutes getting caught up OFF of Facebook.

012Sometimes it just means turning off the computer for an hour and playing a board game with your family instead of surfing the net.

Something horrible happened in a small school in Connecticut last Friday, and other horrifying things happen to innocent people everyday somewhere in the world. 

No matter what plans we make or how hard we try to be the very best we can be, we are not in control of our future.  Our phone plan might guarantee us a certain number of minutes, but life does not. 

Something unexpected is bound to happen.  Sometimes that unexpected something is beyond our worst nightmares.

We get the tiniest, microscopic taste of this every day,  when something “goes wrong.”  Do you grumble and curse like I do when something stupid or even slightly catastrophic foils your plans?

I know I thought it was catastrophic  a good while back when one of my kids overflowed the toilet upstairs, flooded the bathroom, and sent the flooded potty waters down through the ceiling and onto my head in the living room downstairs.  It sure seemed catastrophic at the time.

But it wasn’t, not really.

And neither is it catastrophic that I didn’t get the fridge cleaned out today.  It’ll get done.  But, the fact is, when the end of my life comes, I’m never ever going to say, “Gosh, I wish I’d spent more time cleaning the fridge!”


I don’t want to have to say, “I wish I’d spent more time loving my family” or “I wish I hadn’t kept putting off my dreams” or…I think you get the point.

I invite you to choose wisely.  To DO, but to also BE, and to make memories.


What would you like to do with your family that you’ve been putting off?

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  1. This is a wonderful post. So often we let life take us to wherever it leads and we dont stop for a moment to think about where it is WE want to be. Life is short and its not promised.We need to live everymoment like it could be the the song say "Live like you are dying".

  2. Thank you, Jessica. Yes, exactly.

  3. Took the kids on the "Minivan Express" last night to see Christmas lights. Popped popcorn, printed off "tickets" for the kids and we had a blast.

  4. What a Wonderful post! You are very correct when you said life is not guaranteed like minutes on a phone. A few years ago my husband was in a car accident and is now disabled. I know all to well how life can change in an instant! Since then, I have tried to focus on what is important and try not to worry about what is not. Everyday should be cherished and enjoyed, hopefully with people we love.
    Just the other day, I thought why am I inside on such a beautiful day. So I loaded up the kids, husband in tow ;)and we went to the park and did our T4L lessons on the laptop and then had a pic-nic catered by KFC and just played on the playground.
    Honestly, there is not nothing I would like to do that I have been putting off. We really try to live each day to the fullest, but if I had to pick something, I guess it would be a Zoo trip. It has been a while and I have been wanting to go. Just have not made the drive. Thanks for making me relise I need to plan that day trip.

    Happy Holidays, Keri :)

  5. Yes, exactly this, Keri. Life is too uncertain to take it for granted.


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