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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Becoming DO-ers

A week ago I vowed that I was going to change my life by spending more time doing and less time stuck at a standstill, and I invited you to join me in creating a new habit of doing before the new year.

The first assignment was to take stock of what you want to accomplish, the factors keeping you from doing those things, and to set some definite goals to achieve.

I didn’t have to look any further than my kitchen counter to start finding some things I wanted to get done. 

Knocking out small projects is a good way to gain forward momentum.

Voila!  The unfinished skirt I mentioned earlier ‘tis finished!


This was an easy one, though, and most of my intended projects are going to take a bigger investment of time and energy.

Now that our “baby” is no longer a baby and is fully potty trained, we’ve decided to let go of all the baby things still hanging around.  This week we were able to bless a young family we know (they just had their 5th little one) with a freshly sanitized diaper pail, freshly laundered crib sheets, burpies, a baby sling, and some other goodies.


It feels good to have those things out of my house.  It felt even better to hear how much that family appreciated this gift.  And it was an easy gift to give.

This week I baked 4 dozen cupcakes for 2 parties that were happening on the same day.  I almost talked myself out of it.  4 dozen cupcakes?  What was I thinking?  Couldn’t I just make 2 round 8” layers and call it good?

They were awesome cupcakes!  Sharing the chocolate-y goodness and caramel frosting with that many people was definitely worth staying up late.

I’ve also started actually working on Amy Lynn Andrews’ suggestions in Tell Your Time---I’ve only had the worksheets printed out for …oh, 2 weeks?  Maybe it’s only a week and a half.  I’m working slowly on this one, but I can tell it’s going to help me with managing my time and finding my motivation.

There were a lot of things that I wanted to do that I didn’t get done.  I won’t dwell on the failures.  We don’t learn much from our failures anyway---it’s what works that we take away. 

Remember that. 

All those brilliant inventors wouldn’t have kept on keeping on if they hadn’t had little successes to build off of along the way.

I will mention one of my secret (ok, not so secret) downfalls:  the computer.  It’s so much easier to read about what other people are doing than to do things yourself.  I mean Pinterest.  Seriously.  People really do all that stuff, don’t they?

I’m not really big on Pinterest.  I do like to read and I read a lot. 

So, after a week of mulling things over, and doing and not doing, I have a better feel for where I want to go with this and how I’m going to get there.

Always keeping in mind, of course, that the best laid plans do tend to backfire. 

Would you believe that my son’s glasses spontaneously broke in half this evening?  I’m throwing that out there as proof positive that nobody knows what tomorrow or even the next minute brings.  One minute they were on his face, and the next they were in two pieces and he was utterly destroyed (he doesn’t see well without his glasses---it was like his whole world went out of focus).

This was my little reminder that I need to be flexible and not be too focused on my plans.

I’ve also come to realize that it would be very easy to burn out on doing.  If you are like me, you want it all done right now!  This always gets me into trouble because most things can’t be done right now, they take time.  I need to prioritize things and tackle them in a doable way.

This is my goal right now:  each week I’m going to work on a project for me, a project for my family, and a project for this blog.

For this next week:

  1. For me---I’m going to complete the other steps in Tell Your Time and put together an organizer so I don’t have to keep all my stuff to do in my head.
  2. For my family---This is part of a bigger, whole house project.  I’ll be choosing one room in our house that I’m going to completely take all the stuff out of and reorganize it from top to bottom, throw away or giveaway any superfluous stuff, and deep clean all the nooks and cranies.  I really want to start with the kitchen, but that would probably kill me, so I’ll probably start with the bathrooms.
  3. For the blog---I have a couple of projects that I have in mind,  including tutorials on how to make your own notebooking pages and worksheets in various programs that you might already have installed on your computer.  I also plan to write a couple of articles that have been simmering in my brain for too long.

Hmmm, maybe this is too much to expect alongside of mothering, wifing, and educating my kids?  We’ll find out, won’t we?

My number 1 enemy is the computer.  So, goal #4 is to spend less time on the computer. 

022That’s problematic since we do use resources on the computer for learning, I also use it to research things, do Christmas shopping (which I haven’t even started yet, ahem), and I don’t see how I can create those tutorials without the computer…but, well, this is something I need to figure out.  I’ll share that struggle with you.

 Now it's your turn.

 What goals have your set for yourself and how do you plan to get them done?

If you are blogging about being a more intentional doer, please link up your blog post.


  1. I like your list of goals! I found out that the computer can be my enemy, too! I sit down to do one specific task and get sidetracked. This past week I enforced some self-discipline and I feel better about it. It's such a hard line to walk between allowing ourselves some free time so we don't burn out and keeping all those plates spinning that we need to do as wives and moms. Ack!

  2. Good for you for having some discipline! This is definitely an area I need to work on. ;0)

  3. I love your challenge. I am normally a fairly organized person, but this year my homeschooling journey with a 5th grader, a 1st grader, and a two year old has been full of challenges. I feel like I am doing well in the homeschool area, but the household organization area seems to be getting out of hand. I am going to join the challenge and will post about it next week!

  4. I'm sure you're busy, so no new posts. So I posted my second blog entry here as well.

  5. Hi FlyMama Di,
    The next linkup will go live Saturday morning (or possibly the wee hours of tonight). ;0)

    But this is great, you are inspiring me to get it written, lol!

  6. I finally linked up. Will write a second post in a couple of days. Excited about this challenge.
    jennifer @ conversaving


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