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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Creating Stunning Layouts with My Memories Suite and Digi Cyber Scraps


gfpbox new-001

I’m not a graphic artist, but I can still create beautiful pages with minimal effort and a little help from great designers like Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps and My Memories Suite Software.

This page was created using God’s Fall Paintbox, revisited from Digi Cyber Scraps

Here’s a little tip:  Even if you don’t have a fancy graphics editor, you can create an image of a person that is cropped to their outline to use in your digital scrapping.  Open your image in a free graphics program (I use, erase the background and then save it as a “png.”  Takes a little effort, but the effect is worth it.  The background will then be “invisible” and you can easily layer your pic on your page.  Import it as an “embellishment” in My Memories so it will load properly.

Digi Cyber Scraps’ kits can be used with various scrapbook programs, including My Memories Suite.  Want to try My Memories for free?  Visit this link and look for the “free trial” link on the right.  If you choose to buy, use my affiliate code for $10 off:  STMMMS52587

Disclosure:  This post contains an affiliate link.  I am also a member of the Digi Cyber Scraps Creative Team and received this kit for free and use and talk about it.


  1. That is really neat! I have My Memories. Now to just find the time to use it....

  2. That is pretty cool, but how the HECK do you have time to do this stuff?!?!?!

    This company keeps sedning me emails to review some of their stuff. I wish I had time and patience with computer stuff to do it!

  3. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the pile of laundry in the hallway?

    My Memories is actually very, VERY easy to use. If you get a few good kits, you can make great pages without too much effort. The most time consuming part was creating the outline of Emma---and that's not something I would normally do, I just had an obsessive-compulsive moment (er, 1/2 hour?). Because the pose was just perfect for this.

    Elements can be flipped, mirrored, re-sized, photos can be cropped in program. You can select one element to apply shadows and tell it to apply the same shadows to all elements on the page. Use a color picker to make coordinating mats. Create word art in a few clicks (it took me maybe 5 minutes to create the word art on this page). The hardest part is deciding what font to use.

    There is a bit of a learning curve to begin, but it's easy to figure out. And this is my creative outlet at the mo---it's easier than dragging out my sewing machine and I don't need to buy any fabric.


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