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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Number Bonds Worksheet

Sometimes you just need a worksheet that’s very very simple for continuous review.

Peter is working on Math in Focus 1B and he’s doing pretty well.  But one thing he has difficulty with is mastering his addition and subtractions facts.

And the book is getting ready to jump into regrouping!

Oy.  Time to take a step back and learn those facts really, really well.

This is part of the reason we like home education.  Peter doesn’t need to rush through this book.  He can take it one step at a time and really understand what he is doing.

I’ve made him some colorful flashcards, just like his brother’s multiplication cards (which worked!).


He’ll start with all the facts adding up to 5 or less as review and move on as he develops automaticity.  This method works best if you don’t overload them with too many facts at once. 

As he moves cards into his “mastered” pile, I’ll add new cards to his “review” pile, and eventually we’ll get through the whole fact.

I thought it might be handy to throw in a simple number bonds worksheet to use occasionally and to cement subtraction as the inverse operation…ta da!

number bond worksheet

Click on the picture to go to download this FREE number bonds worksheet. 

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  1. Hello!

    I love your number bond ideas and see that you use Singapore math. I was wondering if you'd like to join my collaborative board on Pinterest that's all about Singapore math. If you'd like to just go ahead and go to the board and follow. Once you're following I will add you as a collaborator and you can start pinning your resources from your blog or TpT. The only requirement is that the items be about Singapore math/number bonds/bar models/etc.

    Pinterest Board:

    My blog:


  2. Hi Mrs. Lovelace,
    Thank you! I'll have to check out your board. This post is from last year and while we do still work with number bonds and some ideas from Singapore math, we're not using the full curriculum at the moment. -Susan


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