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Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Our First Switch Week Went…

…Or How One Switch Week in our homeschool Turned into Two.

Because that’s what happens when you have your planned switch week and then the next week all your kids get sick.

Joke’s on me!  Sarcastic smile

024Switch week is the week that we take a short break from our regularly scheduled studies and do something different.  It’s not a vacation, but a way to change gears.

This is a new thing for us and there are still some kinks, but overall it was a positive week.

Some things we did instead of the usual studies:

  • Art day:  water colors, drawing, and other crafts 026
  • Library day:  each child chose a topic they wanted to research---we had a colossal haul from the library that day
  • Field Trip day:  we had a picnic and spent part of the afternoon at Cunningham Falls Manor Park and Aviary

Most of our time was unstructured with lots of reading and play going on.

What I learned:  more planned activities are in order---the activities I planned took less time than I anticipated.

That’s always the way with fun stuff, isn’t it?  If it had been bookwork, it probably would have taken twice as long as I planned.

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