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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It’s Our First Week Back in Our Homeschool

Every new year of homeschooling has its challenges.  I try to be cautiously optimistic about the first week back.  We start with a slightly lighter load which does 2 things:

  • It helps us all transition into a new routine.
  • It allows me to see if I planned to do too much.

There’s nothing worse than crashing and burning right out of the gate because you went too fast and tried to do too much.  My kids need some gentle guidance and time to adjust, sudden changes simply don’t go over well.

The children are all a little older, their abilities have changed, and the 3-year-old’s manual dexterity has increased (translation:  she’s capable of getting into so much more than before).  But, her attention span has also increased.

There is a need to find a new balance to things.  Of course, I knew that and planned for it.

But planning and doing are definitely 2 different things.  I’m going to share a bit with you soon (I think ;0) about those plans (I mean logistics here, not curriculum---in other words, how we do things), but here’s a glimpse at how the doing went (I know, I’m supposed to do that the other way around---I’m just backwards).




We’re only 2 days in, but, so far, my plans have been totally doable and we have stuck to them.  Yeah!  I only made 2 minor, minor changes.  One was watching a vid on marsupials Tuesday instead of on Friday (at the kids’ request---it didn’t replace anything).  I also skipped spelling with Mary on Tuesday.

Have you started back at your studies?  How are things going?

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