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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visiting the Frederik Meijer Gardens: More Pictures from the Road

We’ve been enjoying some of the sights here in Grand Rapids.  One place I wish we could have spent the whole day at was the Frederik Meijer Gardens, but it was just so dang hot when we went last week (and there’s no sign of things cooling off).  We saw only a small fraction of the gardens but the blazing sun made us call it a day.

calvin trip 61612 053


calvin trip 61612 057

Around the Great Lakes…calvin trip 61612 062

calvin trip 61612 064

Across the rope bridge to the tree house…

calvin trip 61612 065

Behind the waterfall in the Tropical Conservatory…

calvin trip 61612 074

calvin trip 61612 075

Out of the jungle…calvin trip 61612 082

Into a Victorian Garden…

calvin trip 61612 087

And finally among the desert plants.

calvin trip 61612 095

calvin trip 61612 096

You’ll find a lot of modern sculpture at the Gardens, too.  But the kiddos preferred the hands-on “build your own sculpture park” room to the “look but don’t touch” sculpture gallery.

calvin trip 61612 098

calvin trip 61612 100

calvin trip 61612 101

calvin trip 61612 103

Some of the outside art was pretty cool, though.

calvin trip 61612 108

Water runs down the insides of this piece.  Impossible to not touch, so they put “don’t touch” signs on it, of course. ;0)

calvin trip 61612 114

calvin trip 61612 123

calvin trip 61612 124

So much to see, I wish we could come back some time when the temps are not so high.

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