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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eyeglass Retainers ROCK!

When Peter first got his glasses it was bliss.



Until he had a meltdown. 

Grabbing his glasses off his face and throwing them across the room, or trying to twist them into odd shapes became second nature for him.

Trying to destroy his glasses was his way of expressing his frustration.  No amount of reasoning could get him to stop.  He needed his glasses.  He wanted his glasses.   But his drive to relieve his frustration trumped his other wants/needs every time.

He’s an active boy and a friend worried about his glasses falling off, so she recommend an eyeglass retainer.

Wow, what a marvelous invention!

The kind I got for him is not stretchy, you slide an adjuster to snug it against your head or to loosen it to remove your glasses (you can get them off without loosening it, but not comfortably).

Now, he will still sometimes grab his glasses and flex the hinges (they have super flexible, super durable hinges, which is a blessing), but he never grabs them off in anger anymore.  I think the fact that he needs to actually loosen the retainer to take them off causes him to pause long enough to think about what he’s doing. 



We are working on the temper issues, but at least I don’t have to worry as much about him destroying his glasses.  Instead, he dumps the crayons.  Crayons are cheap. ;0)

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