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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost Normal

Five days ago, David had his wisdom teeth out.  He was pretty swollen and uncomfortable afterwards, but is much better now.  Facial expressions are beginning to make a comeback, as I first noticed while foodling about on FB.  He says the pills are horrible (antibiotics, pain meds).  And the saltwater rinses.  But he can still do his new Minecraft game, which he got for his birthday.


Wacky faces never hurt anyone.  David is a very expressive person.003

Any balloon with helium in it would be jealous.004

Now we’re leaning towards skeleton pirates.005


“Brains for brunch!”007

”Methinks my head hath been dismembered and tickled orange.”008

Guest posted by Davidus

A note from Susan: 

Um, yeah.  The title is Almost Normal.

But then, this is my son we are talking about.  Perhaps this is normal after all. ;0)

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