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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Ways to Beat Back the Being Sick Blues

First I get sick.  David has his wisdom teeth out.  Emmie gets sick.  Mary gets sick.  Now both boys are sick.  Add it all up and you have about 3 weeks of undone plans in our homeschool.  We’re getting the basics mostly done, but not much else.
What do you do when illness and other stuff gets in the way of unit studies and math assignments?
  1. Enjoy the opportunity to slow down and read some good books together. 
  2. Watch a documentary.  Or a musical.  Or even a cartoon.
  3. Recognize that math will still be there, even if you are doing it in the middle of July.
  4. Take advantage of life experiences to learn about the human body and how to care for it.
  5. Curl up under a blanket tent with flashlights and tell stories.
Soon we will all be well again, but a little break here and there is not a horrible thing.
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  1. Uggg! I am so sorry to hear that y'all are sick! That was us last year. We were sick for three months and then Malcolm was born. I was going to throw in the towel, but things did get better. And we had less illness this year.

    Do you do co-op? We took a year off and have been really healthy. Of course a friend that stayed in has been healthy as well. So I dunno. My prayers are with you!

  2. We don't do co-op, but our local group does do a couple of monthly teachy things that we participate in. ;0)

    Plus we get plenty of exposure to other kids on the playground, at dance, scouts, etc., etc. There's been something going around and everyone we know has been sick a lot the last few months.

    Hopefully we are all building up immunity. The weird, weird weather doesn't help much.

    Last week we were at a playground and a kid there had snot running out of his nose. I asked him if he would like a tissue (I had some) and his mama came up and wiped it on her shirt.

    There's something odd about not being willing to accept a clean, unused tissue from a stranger, but being willing to wipe a snotty mess on your shirt.


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