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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Way We Were

It’s been a number of years since I last looked at these.  Don’t we look…youthful?


It was a windy, January day.  We were young and had no idea what our future life together would be like.



Can you see the relief on our faces?  As if the hardest part was over, but it was really just beginning. ;0)



That was 14 years ago and a lot has happened since then (not the least of which is having 4 kids ;0).

Some of the people who were there to celebrate with us that day are in a better place.

I miss my Dad,



and my Grandma,


Grandma Kay, Me, Mom, and Dad


and my husband’s Poppy.



Poppy, Grammie, Chris’ Mom, Chris, his Dad, his Grandma Annabel


It’s been a hard road, fraught with unexpected obstacles, but I’m continually thankful for great gift the Lord has given me in my husband.



  1. Susan,

    I love the photos. And, what a beautiful dress you had! (Who knew finding a wedding dress would be so hard?)

  2. Ha ha! There's actually a story behind that dress. Am I the only bride who ever ended up buying her dress 3 DAYS before the wedding? ;0)

  3. I love your dress too~very pretty Susan and what GREAT pics! It's so neat what God does! SO happy for you all! HUGS!

  4. Beautiful photos! And I ADORE the dress!

  5. Thank you, ladies! I think that dress was made for me. It fit nearly perfectly off the rack with no alterations. Good thing since there was no time for alternations. ;0)

    The photos were taken by a gent who did weddings in his spare time but was a newspaper photographer by day. He did an excellent job (and shot about 7 rolls of film!). The best part is that we own the negatives and he retained no rights to the photos.


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