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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week-Long Computer and Electronics Fast

My oldest got back from a Scout camping trip and was just champing at the bit to play his favorite computer game.

But first he broke down because he felt that his brother and sisters didn’t give him a heart-felt welcome home.

What could have been a happy home-coming for my son and my husband was a never-ending stress-fest.

I watched all afternoon as every single family member rubbed another one the wrong way.

We’ve been feeling a bit disconnected as a family. 

We haven’t been the picture of the close-knit supportive family I’ve always dreamed about.

We seem to float around in our own spheres and snap when we touch around the edges.

My husband and I had a little talk and decided to take steps.

Starting tomorrow, we will be taking a break from all things computer and video related. 

No internet. 

No movies. 

No Wii games. 

No computer games.

No nothing on the computer at all, not even “educational” stuff.

I won’t be allowed to even putter around in my thousands of homeschool pdfs or family pictures.  Wah!

I’ve already scheduled my Friday Freebies post for this week, so that will appear (no cheating).

And in a week, I’ll come back and let you know how it went, whether we survived, and whether we learned anything.

Your prayers are welcome. ;0)

Have you ever felt a need to drastically cut back on electronics in your home?

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