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Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Homeschool Week in Review: Learning Unintended Lessons

We got through it! Yeah!

Ok, that doesn’t sound particularly positive, does it?

I admit that it has been a challenging week. One fraught with adjustment and discombobulation. I seem to be surrounded by little people who like to discombobulate me (and each other).


dis·com·bob·u·late [dis-kuhm-bob-yuh-leyt]

verb (used with object), -lat·ed, -lat·ing.

to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate: The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

I feel an affinity with that speaker. Lately I have trouble putting 2 thoughts together. kkhnk jknmjhjjm m mmkmkjiojn

Thank you, Emma for your input. You see what happens when I get up from the computer to attend to a child’s needs?

As I was saying, it never helps when I have a cold. It’s as if my cold voice sinks to a particular register that makes it impossible for people under 15 to hear me.

So please pardon my rambling, there’s a buzzing in my brain due to congestion and constant talking in my ears by little people. ;0)

Ahem, seriously, I am counting this as a successful week of learning. Not only did the kiddos learn some of the things I actually planned for them to learn (after we dealt with the holiday brain-drain), I learned some things.

First, the kiddos:

Emma (age 2) learned that if you draw all over yourself with a regular dry-erase marker instead of with a washable dry-erase marker, that the marks will not wash off and you will probably look like a Tattooed Lady wannabe for a week.


Ok, that wasn’t exactly planned, but I really do hope she gets the message this time. And why does she have to be so dang cute when she’s being naughty?

Peter (age 6) learned that if Mama says she’s going to take Wii away if he doesn’t stop busting into his sister’s room, that she really means it.

Ok, that wasn’t exactly planned, either, but learning that rudeness will go unrewarded is a good thing.

He also went through the entire 2nd Phonics set for the LeapPad (short vowels, this was a good review after the break), read the reader and then proceeded to write me a note using several of the words from the book, spelling them all correctly. Yeah!


Mary (almost 8) learned that she can already spell all the words on the –oi, –oy spelling list in level 2 of All About Spelling. She is also just 2 steps away from completing this level. She also learned how to add 2 digit numbers together with re-grouping.

Mary and David (age 11) both learned more about the facts of life and the birds and the bees this week. They are growing up before I want them to! This was about their reaction:


David: “I don’t wanna do it (grow up).”

Mary: “But what can I do now to prepare myself?”

This about sums up their general reaction to life.

David is continuing to learn about fractions. This week he practiced converting improper fractions to mixed fractions. He also read about Columbus’ second voyage and drew a map of the Greater and Lesser Antilles.

All of the children learned about animals down under. David’s favorite was the Echidna. And there were bunches of other little things, but these are the highlights.

And what did I learn?

That the physical and emotional gap between my 2 oldest kiddos was smaller than I imagined.



That having a light transition week after the holiday was a good idea, especially as Daddy’s schedule has been a little different from usual.

That I wouldn’t want to be a professional blogger. Organizing the Virtual Curriculum Fair has had too much of a monopoly on my thoughts.

And that I need to come up with some good personal goals this year.

How about you? What did you and your kiddos learn this week?

Linking to the Weekly Wrap-up at weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.

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  1. Glad to read about you again. It's great to reconnect. I also LOVED that you used DISCOMBOBULATE!! I LOVE this word! Welcome back to school. Looks like you've had an awesomely productive week.

  2. I've always wanted to use that word in a post but never got around to it. It's good to hear from you, too. ;0)

  3. ((stifled giggle)) Oh, I have a similar 2-year-old photo with body art work. Permanent marker! Yep, she wore it for a while. ;) The memories! LOL

  4. Sometimes the life lessons we learn are the best lessons of all, even if it isn't so much fun learning them! Love that you were able to look back on your week with a great sense of humor!

  5. @Our Side: At least these one tends to decorate herself instead of random objects around the home. My sewing machine and lampshades are still sporting the fluorescent pink highlighter my oldest got of hold of when he was 3.

    @Mrs. Ransom: If I didn't have a sense of humor, I would just have to check into a padded cell. ;0)

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty good week, but colds are never fun. Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Thank you, Janet. I'm over the cold and for once everyone seems to be healthy around here. ;0)


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