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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Simple Life: DE-Clutter Week 1

Remember this?


This is what it looks like now:


David is so happy with his new, warm bedroom. He needs some work on making a bed, though. ;0)

So, where did all the stuff go?  Some has been temporarily moved into the attic until I have more time to go through it.  Some has been given away.  And some has been thrown away.  Emma’s dresser/changing table has been temporarily moved to the hallway.

Our once overflowing toy bins in the living room have also been tamed:



Hubby started going through our books and our movie collection.  All the VHS tapes are now GONE (boohoo!).  Severely damaged or sickeningly drippy kids books are GONE.

In the past week, we threw out 2 big black trash bags worth of stuff and packed up 5 or 6 boxes to donate to the local thrift store.  But, my home is currently a wreck with more stuff still to go through.

It’s more than a little daunting.  But let me say, it has already been a positive experience. 

The play kitchen set (the one I’ve had since I was a little girl) has found new life now that the kids can find all the play food and pots and pans to go with it.  Emma loves throwing tea parties.

Trains have overtaken the floor.  And Em is becoming a regular Duplo architect.

Less is definitely more.  Lately, the kiddos would come to me whining during play time that they were bored and had nothing to do.  I’m not saying that the whining has totally stopped, but they are definitely finding things to do.

No, if I could just get them to help out more with the actual de-cluttering process (never try to go weed out the kiddos’ toys when they’re in the same room, ok?).

The living room is pretty much done, that is except for the stacks of boxes that are temporary stuck in there from other parts of the house so we can go through them, ahem.  David’s new room is nearly done, we want to move his own dresser in there.

One room at a time will get us there.  I can’t do the one bag a day or even one box a day thing.  I need to see a real dent.  A completed project, it keeps me going.

Will we finish before the New Year?  Eh, probably not, but I’m still going to try.  And if not, we’ll definitely continue into January.  I’m on fire!  ;0)


  1. That is great! I totally need to do this. Part of me is all for it and the other part is like some spoiled little baby-child or some Great Depression survivor, "OMG, what if we need this in the future?!!" I love to purge the house. :) Good luck! Sounds like it's going super well for you guys.

  2. It always get messier before it gets better!

    You have motivated me. I just sorted out a HUGE bag of fabric to get rid of!

  3. Thank you, ladies! The key is for me to keep my momentum. It's so easy to get discouraged after so much effort with so much more to do. Perseverance!


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