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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fitness Kick-Start Team: The End?

.. .The Legacy of Home

Fitness, of course, is a lifelong journey (struggle?) that we all pursue in our own ways, but with the end of this month we reach the end of the Fitness Kick-Start Team. It’s been fun and inspiring to have a whole team of ladies all working towards better fitness together. ;0)

And how was this last week? This week of Christmas feasts and entertaining?

Hmmm, let’s talk about what I learned not to do.

  1. I will not dispense with writing out the water and caffeine I’ve consumed, believing I can remember and keep it straight in my head, no matter how busy I am. Seeing those little tick marks on my pad is a big motivator. I totally messed up in this department this week and I believe not have the tick marks contributed to that.
  2. I will not keep the containers of cookies on the counter if full view at all times. Putting the tempting goodies away helps to keep my munching in line (I don’t typically have a munching problem, but I did this week with the influx of party tidbits and not enough cabinet space to hide them).
  3. I will not stay up to all hours, especially when I know that I need to get up extra early to start the cooking the feast. And 2 straight days of little more than cooking, cleaning, and chasing the kiddos out of the kitchen might get the job done, but leaves me worn out and resentful. Not at all good for my mental fitness. The body and spirit both need rest.

And did I actually meet any of my goals?

I was making progress in the drink more water and less caffeine department, but messed up the past 4 days. I was too focused on making my home homey for guests and preparing food and not very good about taking care of myself. But I think I can turn this around again when we get back to our normal groove next week.

Still getting a good workout from de-cluttering the house and rearranging furniture. Although this is getting to be a bit of a drag. ;0) There’s something draining about going through all the artifacts of your own life. I’m planning to do some more fun things in the movement department, but haven’t decided yet what those will be.

Computer time is still a challenge for me, but having a couple of days this week when I did virtually nothing on the computer was really good. I was much more productive and my mood was much better. So, the next step is to come up with a plan for managing my computer time better---it’s so easy to sink into aimless surfing and checking your email every 30 seconds. I’m not sure what this plan is going to look like, yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Overall---this month didn’t end up anything like what I expected, but sometimes the unexpected is a good thing. I’m getting my physical house in order, which is good for both my physical and mental fitness. And I’m discovering what my limitations are: sometimes I need to make it easier to do the healthy thing by modifying my environment and giving myself more accountability. Not a 100% success, but I’m moving forward, and that’s the important thing.

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  1. AMEN sista! Enjoyed doing this journey with you!

  2. Yes, I need personal accountability also. I notice that if I don't stick to my routine all of my good intentions begin to disappear.


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