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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our 8th Week in Review: Sunshine and Apples

Another jam packed week!

Classical Studies: We studied the parting the Red Sea, the myth of Otus and Ephialtes, and the story of Caius Mucius (in spite of all the “mucus” jokes, ahem).

Language Arts: All the kiddos are working on getting ready for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This week our concentration was developing plot. I can’t share any details about their stories, yet (they would kill me).

Mary is doing quite well in spelling. This week, in addition to working through All About Spelling Level 2, I added in some Bible copywork for her.

Peter is slowly progressing in reading. Slow and steady is fine. We are working on developing more automaticity, which was a struggle for Mary as well (she got past it). I don’t see any evidence of learning difficulties in this area, so I think he’ll get it when he’s good and ready.

Math: Mary is zooming through Jump Start Math, grade 2. David finished chapter 11 of Life of Fred Fractions. He is currently reviewing all his multiplication facts and the procedures for reducing fractions, multiplying multi-digit numbers, and long division. Peter is slowing down a bit in Right Start, which is fine. We’re aiming for mastery, not finishing the book on time.

Social Studies: I made a discovery this week…a long forgotten book called Home Geography for the Primary Grades! Emma pulled it off a shelf and left it on the floor where I almost slipped on it. Thank you, Emma! We’ve been trying to study local geography this year, and it’s the one area that seems to be slipping by. I think this will help me get my act together, ahem!

Science: We took a field Trip to Catoctin Mountain Orchard where we learned all about how they grow apples (and other things…I got a recipe for kale that just might inspire me to try to grow some next year!).

xiaxia 013

A little warm snap made Peter’s cooling vest a necessity.

xiaxia 016
xiaxia 023
xiaxia 019
xiaxia 020
xiaxia 022

Music: We started studying Mendelsohn.

Art: Sun Prints!

xiaxia 003

This paper reacts to sunlight. Basically, you take a flat object, place it on the paper, expose it to the sun for a couple of minutes, then put it in water to stop the reaction. When it dries, you end up with a silhouette. David’s is the coolest (and most creative). He made a paper cutout of a wasp (!) and used it with a real leaf to create his picture:

xiaxia 001

I’m learning to do school without a printer. Would you believe that the one printer suddenly died (it needs a part that would cost close to the cost of a new printer), and the other one refuses to be compatible with our Windows 7 computer? You don’t know how much you use something until you don’t have it. Fortunately, we don’t do much in the way of worksheets, because I don’t see a replacement in my near future. ;0)

Overall, 'twas a good week in our homeschool. How was yours?

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