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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our 2011-2012 Curriculum: 2nd Grade


Mary is 7-1/2, a strong reader, and a lover of “workbook math.”

This year, in addition to our All Together studies and pursuing her personal interests, Mary will be studying:

Language Arts---All About Spelling Level 2.  Spelling is Mary’s one challenge area, so far, and her least favorite subject, so we’ll mix in interesting copywork for variety.  Lots of independent reading.

Math---Jump Math, grade 2.  I anticipate that she may finish this book far in advance of the end of the school year.  Skill-wise, she wasn’t quite ready for grade 3, but grade 2 has a little more review than she would like.  Supplementing with Math-It and math games.

Reasoning---Narration and Mind Benders.

PE--- Dance lessons.

Handicrafts----Needlepoint on plastic canvas, knitting, jewelry making and sewing are all skills she is enjoying learning.


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