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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Praise for Peter's Ears

Peter's ichthyosis is an ongoing challenge when it comes to his ears. He visits an ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) doc every 2 months to have the skin debris and wax removed (the scaly skin in his ear canals covers the little hairs that would normally push out wax and debris and it hardens in there). Between times, he suffers with some hearing loss and endures having oil and medicated drops put in his ears daily. We have been told that it might improve as he gets older, but not to expect miracles.

A funny thing happened last week. There was a skin flake sticking out of his ear canal (common for him, if you look in his ears just around the opening it looks like peeling skin), so I pulled it out with a pair of square tipped tweezers (otherwise he'll scratch and dig at his ear...the squared tip protects him from being poked). Instead of a small flake of skin peeling off, a column of skin the consistency of clear packing tape that had been lining his ear canal came out. There was some crumbly wax in it.

Mama: "Peter, are you ok!?"
Peter: "Yeah."
Mama: "How's your ear feel?"
Peter: "Pretty Good!"
Mama (staring at the skin "sleeve," examining it for signs of blood or trauma): "It doesn't hurt?"
Peter: "Nope."

So I told hubby about it. I said some fervent prayers. Maybe we are coming to a turning point? Maybe a minor miracle?

Today Peter went to see his ENT and hubby explained what had happened. The ENT said that the right ear was still totally clear!

Let me pause here. The debris and wax usually starts building up in Peter's ears within a couple of days of having them cleaned. To have it totally clear a week later is a really good sign.

When the ENT went to clean out the left ear, the same thing happened (he pulled out a similar column)!

ENT's response: "Keep doing what you're doing. And we'll see how he is in a couple of months."

I wanted to share this because even if he does continue to need ENT appointments every few months, this feels like a miracle to me...this could have a real impact on his quality of life and I'm truly thankful.

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