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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once Upon a Blog…

…there was a green homeschooler who had the opportunity to blog about homeschool curricula. 

Except she didn’t have a blog.  But she wanted to start one for awhile.  You see, she had lived at least 900 miles from her family all her married life and the kiddos, well the grands missed the kiddos... 

…so sharing pics of the kiddos and stories about their daily doings sounded like a good idea, or a least a good excuse to start a blog, maybe get some free homeschool stuff to review. 

And a blog was born. 

Funny how most of her posts that first year were review posts on curricula. 

Not exactly the kind of thing to inspire a family following.

Not that it mattered because the family wasn’t really following 

It wasn’t much long after that she discovered that she would be moving…to the same state as her family!  Even better, her in-laws would be a mere 40 minutes away. 

The irony is that she started blogging more about her family.  Sharing her day-to-day challenges became a kind of free therapist’s couch for puzzling out what needed to be done next in this saga we call life

Soon she was blogging several times a week.  And even posting some giveaways.  And her followers increased.  And she began to think, hmmm, maybe I am somebody after all.  “Maybe I’m a person of influence.”

Ok, I’m not a total gooseberry.  I know my sphere of influence is quite small…ok, scratch that.

I have NO sphere of influence.

Seriously.  I did figure this out on my own. 

I just lost sight of what I was doing this all for, that’s all.  Or maybe I was doing it for the wrong reasons in the first place.  Whatever.  My head got turned by a few numbers.  False numbers at that…how many followers do I have who have visited my blog exactly one time?  How many of the people who read my reviews are other reviewers who reviewed the same product?  And what does it all mean for the future of blog reviews…but I digress.  I don’t really care about he future of blog reviews.

Getting back to it.

I had started thinking about my life in terms of blog posts.

Silly, isn’t it?  I’d actually make little notes of ideas for blog posts throughout the day.  And copy down something one of the kiddos said word for word to share it.

I was so busy thinking about it I didn’t get trivial things done either, like…oh, the laundry?

It’s a bad habit that I’ve got to break.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do like to contribute quality content to the blogosphere…and I enjoy your visits…and comments are welcome…


I’ve come to realize something.  It can’t matter to me whether I’m making a difference.  I need to be true to myself and stop worrying about what y’all think of me.  And it can’t matter to me if anyone is reading.  I have no sphere of influence, right?

If you blog, why do you do it?  And have you remained true to your original mission?  Or did you find out you were doing it for the wrong reasons?


  1. I blog for my Grandma who lives 3000 miles away. And my mama and Dad and brother enjoy it as well. They all live across the USA in Oregon.

    Although I have definitely jumped on the freebie wagon, I still hold true to my original mission which was to provide lots and lots of photos for my Grandma to look at when she sits down at the computer.

    And if people don't like what I post about- tough cookies! No one is forcing them to read my blog.

  2. I thought about blogging a long time before I started, too! :)

    One main reason I started was so it could be a contact point for family spread across the country to see what we were up to.

    It's also been a nice journal of all we've been doing over the (couple of) years. For instance, I can't believe how many curricula ideas we've tried!

    As a benefit, I'm meeting new people who inspire. When they visit me, I like to return visit .. and I'm amazed at what I learn. :)

  3. You always write thoughtful posts. :) I have been thinking and praying about my own blog and what I need to be doing with it in the future. I have intentionally cut back on the number of reviews I was doing last spring. I have purposefully said "no" very often to a number of opportunities, and tried to find more memes and subjects I want to talk about.

    Yet it is still a balancing act, balancing homeschooling life, family life, blogging life and other responsibilities. This is a busy season of my life, and I don't want my family to just get my "leftovers." I know that I may not need to have the biggest, fanciest blog in order to make a small impact for a few people. If I'm not doing what I love and what I need to be doing, then it really won't matter what I blog about, anyway.


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