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Friday, February 11, 2011

New Lessons Learned

I learn more than my kiddos, you know. That’s why I homeschool. I’m thirsty for knowledge.

This week I learned

  • Doing 2 loads a day every day still won’t keep me from being buried alive under laundry (at least most of it is clean).
  • There might be enough minutes in the day to get done most of the things I need/want to do if I didn’t waste so much time doing the things I don’t really need (or want) to do.
  • My school area isn’t workin’ for me, but against me…time for an overhaul.
  • I can’t possibly rearrange everything in my entire house all in a day and
  • if I start rearranging and leave things in piles I definitely shouldn’t expect them to be there when I get back.
  • Boy socks are the grottyest (new word) garment on earth and they have magic migrate-to-every-corner-of-the-room powers.
  • A schedule might help you get more done, but make sure you don’t forget to schedule the fun stuff.
  • The internet is a time sucker and I hate it.
  • My kiddos are beautiful, delightful gifts from God and I’m guilty of taking them for granted.
  • If the world ended tomorrow, I’d have regrets, time to make some changes.


  1. Love this post. I can relate to almost all of it. Especially the "boy socks"!!! My boys like to take one off...and only one. Drives me nuts how socks are EVERYWHERE!


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