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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate and St. Valentine

We need to get out of our schooltime funk, so today we took a little trip down a rabbit trail and learned about St. Valentine. And chocolate. In addition to the usual holiday-ey worksheets, we made prayer cards for St. Valentine,


Peter’s artistic rendering of St. Valentine.

and did some other activities.


Matching up lower case and capital letters.


Chocolate box math.

We watched a great (short!) series of videos from Hershey on how chocolate is made (skip the last segment, it’s basically a commercial for all their different candies), learned about chocolate history and completed a mini-lapbook on chocolate.

An almost pain-free day.


Emma after I took the markers and glue away from her.

It’s hard being almost 2, isn’t it?

But the best thing about the day? David’s Valentine’s Day Acrostic Poem (I don’t normally do those things, but he saw the worksheet and thought it was cool).

V is for Velcro

A is for Aerodynamic

L is for Luftwaffe

E is for Empathy

N is for Necktie

T is for Thrice

I is for Ice

N is for Neural

E is for Elk

Not sure I’m seeing the big picture…is my 10-year-old deeper than me?

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Isn't Emma's going to be 2 soon? Am I remembering this right?? Wow~growing up! And love it that Peter's ears are doing some better! Looks like a fun Valentine's day to me;-)) HUGS!


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