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Monday, January 10, 2011

A (thankfully) Unordinary Day

…or “Why I’m thankful we have hardwood floors and a leather sofa.”

Lately it seems I’ve got a full bed. Right around 3 am the whole house seems to migrate to our room. And around 3 am yesterday, Peter had a full bed, too. A bed full of Mama, that is. Seems he was having a hard time getting back to sleep and staying that way. And our bed was already full of girls. Ever share a twin bed with a 52 lb. 5-year-old who’s coming down with a cold?

The morning started off with a bang. Actually a gush. Mary had a monster nosebleed. There were drops all the way down the hall to the bathroom. I love our hardwood floors. So much more sanitary than carpet.

Around lunchtime Peter was feeling rather sleepy and sicky, so he lay down on the sofa. After announcing he felt like was going to die, he puked. And then puked some more. And then got into the bathroom and puked some more.

When we bought our leather sofa years ago (and David was about 4), friends told me I was nuts. I have never regretted this purchase. Ever. Yes, I do regret letting my then 6-year-old boy running around the house swinging a wooden ruler like it was a sword. It seems the metal edge on those things will cut leather. (And a bit of duct tape on the inside of the cushion will close up the gaps nicely, though it comes loose over time). But every time one of my kiddos gets a tummy bug and pukes their guts out on the sofa…and all I have to do is wipe the thing down…I thank God for giving us to wisdom to have wipe-able furniture.

Back to our story. Peter was instantly feeling better and his fever broke. Yeah!

So, a couple of hours later we sang Happy Birthday to Mary and let Peter have a little birthday cake. I think it came back up the instant it hit his stomach. The good news is he was wearing one of his Dad’s shirts so it was easy to get over his head… and the vomit didn’t hit the cake. And we had already postponed the birthday party until next week;-)

And he felt a little better. So when dinnertime came around, we offered him a bite of soup and some bread. This time he made it all the way upstairs and almost to his room…before spewing bile all over the hallway. Poor baby!

He slept with Daddy. But don’t worry about Peter. He woke up at 5 this morning, saying: “I’ll DIE if you don’t give me some food RIGHT NOW!” He’s back to normal. Pretty much. Amazing how resilient they are.

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