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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weary (Wary) Blogger

2+ years ago, there was a green homeschooling mama who had been thinking about starting a blog, a place to record her thoughts and day-by-day trials. She was also tired (already) of buying homeschool curriculum for the past couple of years only to have it sit on a shelf somewhere because, well, somehow it just didn't fit her family and what they were doing right now...maybe in a few years...or when more of the kiddos were doing school, but not now. Maybe not ever.

And then a unique opportunity came along, she found out that the Old Schoolhouse Magazine was starting a new focus group program...a group of bloggers, support leaders, people of influence to write real reviews about homeschool products...and Homeschooling Hearts & Minds was born.

Over the past 2 years this blog has changed and mutated. It's been an obsession at times and neglected at other times. It's easy to lose sight of your original plans, hopes and dreams. I really didn't have any when I started. I just wanted to write some decent content that was worth reading. And maybe find that a few regular readers thought it was worth reading.

But at some point I developed a drive to gain a bigger readership and started worrying about things like keywords, page rank, bounce rate. I started participating in more memes, even started a meme of my own (it flopped---do you know how many memes there are out there and how hard it is to get one started?), participating in carnivals, linking to linkies, doing giveaways and reviews outside of homeschooling products.

And worrying about scheduling posts for every day of the week and alternating this kind of content with that kind of content. And promoting giveaways. And commenting on other blogs. And ta-da, I suddenly realized that my heart wasn't part of the equation anymore. And I started hobbling along.

I've never been good at following someone else's drummer.

Publishing content based on everyone else's schedule simply doesn't suit me. I've already got 4 cute little tyrants (whose combined ages total less than my own)...while they may not call the shots, the reality is that my time is simply not my own while they are awake (and not while they sleep either). My blog's content and when it appears should be the one thing that I have complete control over. There really shouldn't be anything here that I don't want here. Period.

The temptation is to just put the blog on a high shelf and take it down every once in a while to dust it off and publish a homeschool review that I've already committed to writing. I don't really want to do that. I like to think I have something of true value to add to the blogosphere, but we'll just have to see how things shake out.


  1. Love this! You're doing a great job and I love reading your posts!

    Mrs. White

  2. I hear you, and you will soul search and figure out what is best for you and the family. I always enjoy your posts, but I also know the cost...Sending a hug! ;-))

  3. I can totally relate! And because I have the tendency to be all or nothing, I have entertained notions of just doing nothing. Shutting the whole thing down. But the Lord spoke to my heart just to give it all to him and follow his leading. I pray you hear his leading for your great blog : )

  4. I completely understand! Sometimes I think I have to be a slave to my blog. Right now it is so, so neglected, but that is ok, because I am doing more important things with my family.


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