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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday, the Beginning

I'm not overweight. But I'm definitely not fit. And I'm a bit lazy when it comes to actually taking care of myself. Denise over at Got Chai? has been doing this weekly meme for, oh I dunno...almost a year? And I've always meant to participate (insert sheepish grin here), but never got around to it. So now she's giving me a kick in the pants. Denise is teaming up with Mrs. White over at Legacy of Home to bring you: The Fit Mommy 10 Week Challenge! And there's even a prize. I take this as a sign from God that I really do need to get up off my couch in the evenings and do something to get the blood flowing.

So, here's the plan.
  • I am definitely a beginner, I think I'm allergic to exercise, so please don't laugh at my pathetic goals.
  • I will be doing at least 20 minutes of mild exercise each day. Most likely this will be brisk walks and hula hooping on the Wii Fit (hey, I'm pretty good if it's virtual, just don't ask me to do it for real).
  • I will drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. And for every glass of tea I drink I will drink an additional glass of water. (Ok, so I might be spending some time in the bathroom, too.)
  • I will be cutting back on chocolate. Did I really say that? No more bags of Dove or Bliss or whatever. And no more brownies in a mug. Promise. Really. No candy, brownies, cookies, ice cream or other dessert like substances except as dessert after a full-balanced dinner and then only on occasion. This does not include coffee that has syrup in it. Is that a cop-out?
  • I will be focusing on feeding myself as well as I feed the kids...why is it that I worry so much about their nutritional needs and try to subsist on cheese and crackers myself?
  • My goal is to make these permanent changes in my lifestyle, and get my body back into (non-stretchy) size 12 jeans (without having to unsnap them after dinner). Modest, I know, but hey, I'm a realistic gal.
And, of course, I will be doing a weekly check-in every Friday to let you know how I am doing.


  1. LOL!!!! Oh, Susan. Have I ever told you how much I adore you? ;-) I love your goals and no, they don't seem pathetic at all. We start where we are, and work our way up. Period! :)

    I wouldn't hula hoop in front of anyone, either. Or on the Wii!

    I'm not cutting out my chai, so if you want to keep your coffee syrup-go for it! LOL ;-)

    Yikes! Cutting back on chocolate? (Huge gulp) Okay, now that's one thing I definitely struggle with to. Chocolate and I...we're BFF's from way back! (Even if she's not the nicest friend to me in the "end"...literally. Ahem.)

    Congratulations on joining the 10 Week Challenge! You're going to see some incredible results--just wait 'n see! :)

  2. Your goals sound good. I know you'll make it!

    I've been off chocolate for awhile as part of my fun GAPS diet. After the first week it is easy, for me at least. I do crave it once in awhile but it's no biggie.

  3. You Go Midwest Mama~I'm rooting for ya! hugs!

  4. I'm joining in the challenge too! I'm not cutting out the cream in my coffee, although I am trying to cut back a bit and I didn't even set any food goals! Your goals sound good - and I wish you success!

  5. Thank you for the encouragement, ladies...I'm already wondering if I bit off more than I can chew. Where there's a will, there's a way, right?


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