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Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: My Memories Suite Digi-scrapping Software

my-memories-suite-logo Funny thing about scrapbooking…it simply doesn’t get done when you’ve got too many little hands to help. And grab the scissors. And eat the brads. And tear up and crumple that gorgeous 12 x 12 paper that’s hanging so temptingly off the edge of the table. And all the supplies have to go up on a high shelf…or in a dark corner in a container with a tight lid. Storage, yep, that’s definitely a problem around here. There simply are not enough bookshelves to hold all our books, let alone all the extras. And while I’m struggling to find a place to put that half-finished catapult for our physics experiment…let’s just say that Mama’s hobbies tend to get left on the back burner. Or the back of a closet. Never to see the light of day again.

But, computer memory is cheap these days and what better place to store all my little doodads than my hard-drive (my hubby might disagree with me there, but I know he doesn’t want any more stacks of paper lying around)? My Memories Suite 2.0 is an amazing program that will not only allow you to scrap to your heart’s content, but to do more than you could ever do with paper and scissors.

There is something for every level of scrapper here, from taking a pre-designed template and plugging in your pictures,

emma baby-001

to modifying a template,

emma baby-002

to starting from scratch.

our year 2010-2011-001

What I like:

  • My Memories Suite 2.0 comes preloaded with oodles of predesigned templates, papers and embellishments.
  • You can use elements you already have. If it’s a jpg, a png, a giff, tiff, really any image format (except psd templates) it will work.
  • You can pick up plenty of additional FREE goodies to use with it from My Memories Suite and other Digi-Scrapping sites.
  • Sets downloaded from My Memories Suite Design Shop are installed so they appear right in the program---no hunting for your purchases.
  • Object manipulation is easy peasy. Resizing, rotation and placement is effortless. Just click on the object and move it or use the menu to rotate or edit it.
  • If you try to resize something to a size that will pixelate when printed, the program tells you. No unhappy surprises.
  • Little extras, like Word Art, Shadow, Beveling, Shapes to give your words and pictures that professional look.
  • You can have your book printed, print it yourself or export it as jpegs.
  • You can convert your pages into greeting cards, calendar pages or trading cards.

But the best part of all…the thing I love about this program and that sets it apart from any of the other Scrapbooking software I’ve ever seen or used?

You can make a full interactive scrapbook, burn it to a disk and send it to your friends! That’s right, add weblinks, background music, video, even record narration for your scrapbook in the form of “Hot Spots.” When your recipient hovers over a Hot Spot, they’ll get a “Tool Tip,” letting them know there’s something interactive there.

This is simply awesome! I will definitely be using this record our school year…the children grow so fast, what better way to capture those memories before they grow dim?

There was really only one thing I would change about this program---the photo editing options aren't very meaty. Yes, you can add mats, crop, shape, add some neat effects and even remove red-eye. But your control over the effects is a bit limited. I couldn’t, for example, increase the contrast on my photos or sharpen them. The red-eye removing tool is usable, but clunky. But, I don’t mind tweaking my photos in my regular editing software first to get the best possible effect…do you? You just need the right tool for the job.

My Memories Suite 2.0 is available as a download or on cd-rom for $39.97 (plus shipping for the cd).

And right now, you can get 20% off! Just use this code: MamaBuzz20

System requirements (for more detail, please read pg. 6 of the User Guide):

  • For Windows: XP, Vista or Windows 7; Pentium 4 or better; 512 MB RAM (minimum); 750 MB hard disc space.
  • For Macintosh: OS X 10.4.11 or greater (with latest Java update); G4 500 MHz or faster; 512 MB RAM (minimum); 750 MB hard disc space
  • Other Requirements: QuickTime™ Player version 7.5 or higher

I tested My Memories Suite on my slightly overloaded Windows XP system with no issues, though there was some lag time.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: My Memories Suite for this review.


  1. I also reviewed this product and loved it! Your pages are super! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the pages and I'm drooling over the program...ohh la la! Thanks for the review!

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