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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Perfect Day

We've spent hours in waiting rooms, in chilly examining rooms and driving to and from doctors' offices since Peter was born.

He does not like doctors.

So, going to see his new pediatric dermatologist today was a bit of a nerve-wracking event. How would Peter do? When I tried to take him earlier this year, he threw the mother of all tantrums, including refusing to remain buckled in his carseat.

You have to understand, he has been poked, prodded, photographed, forced to wait, and wait and wait. And, generally, the medical establishment has not had much to offer him to improve his quality of life.

And then we asked him to get into the backseat of the car with only Mama in the driver's seat for a 1-1/2 hour drive.

His reaction opened my eyes. As adults we tend to see these things as something we "get through" so we can move onto something else. For a 4...this moment is all there is. An hour or more in the car with no-one to really talk to seems interminable!

In the past, we have tried to make Peter's medical care a family event. Everybody goes. His brother and sisters talk to him in the car and play with him in the waiting room. And celebrate by having lunch out with him after the appointment. We decided to call and reschedule so that everyone could go.

Today was the day.

Not a single meltdown.

Not a single fight.

We didn't forget any paper work.

Or insurance cards.

No construction back-up.

No getting lost.

No wait in the waiting room...they called our number before we could even sit down!

No hour-long wait in the examining room.

No 20 question repeat of everything we had written on the new patient form.

No retinue of 2-3 medical students to peep at Peter's rare condition.

No examining of every square-inch of skin.

Just good, knowledgeable suggestions for things to try,

a genuine concern and interest in improving Peter's quality of life,

and a kid-friendly bedside manner.

He let David rip off a piece of paper from the examining table to draw on.

He made a show of examining Em because she wanted to be like big brother.

He looked at Peter's coloring pages with interest and didn't interrupt his coloring.

Mama: "Peter, how do you like Dr. C?"

Peter: "I LOVE him!"

The icing on the cake? When we stopped at Micky D's for lunch afterward, hubby observed, eyes wide: "We are in a restaurant and our kids are not the noisiest kids in the restaurant." In fact they were almost perfectly behaved.

It was definitely a God thing.


  1. I'm thrilled it went so well! Go Peter! Definitely a GREAT day! ;-))

  2. Praise the Lord!!! We all need days like that sometimes! :-)

  3. it is thrilled go praise the god for everything


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