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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Background Graphics and Dial-Up Don't Mix, Folks

So, I've been toodling around the internet and I have to say I'm avoiding any blogs that use graphics as a background. They are so sloooow to load and many don't load properly at all, leaving garish lines. Or worse...the graphic doesn't load at all, and the blog is set to some bizarre background color which appears instead...too bad the mint green text on the fuchsia background causes my eyes to spaz out. Here's a tip: make sure your background color is set to something that works with your text color, even if you have a background image.

According to the most current figures I could find, about 9% of U.S. home internet users are on dial up. Many will intentionally turn off images to get faster load times...make it easy for them to read what you have to say and they might come back.

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