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Monday, June 7, 2010

What? No Mailbox?!

mailboxWho’da thunk it. The house we bought has no mailbox. There is no mail delivery in that part of town.

Nope, it’s not a new development with a bank of mailboxes off in a corner somewhere.

Nope, it’s not down a narrow country lane.

Once upon a time this town only had a post office and no door-to-door delivery.

The town grew up around it, and as each new neighborhood was added, so was mail delivery for that area.

But the folks in the center of town didn’t want it.

They wanted to mosey on over to the post office.

Collect the mail.

Say howdy to the postal workers.

And shoot the breeze with their neighbors.

So things haven’t changed.

In principal, I kinda like it.

I might feel differently when I’ve got an armload of packages and 4 kiddos to herd back home.

But, I kinda like it.


  1. My mom's place is like mail boxes although that is for everyone in her little town.

  2. I moved into my mailboxless home 2 years ago. I have grown from just liking it in theory to really loving it. I don't think I've ever said, oh if only I had a mailbox in all this time. We are probably moving in a year. I'm going to really miss these postal workers who know me by name and treat me like I'm something special. I love small town living.

  3. Amanda,
    I actually can see that happening, but I suspect the postal workers would get to know our family anyway---when we lived in MO (smallish town, but larger than this one), we had a mailbox but everyone at the post office knew me and the 4 kiddos...and the bank and the library and the grocery store (smile).

  4. SAHMinIL-

    Yes, it just seemed bizarre that in this town it's just the houses in this one part of town that don't have mailboxes...everybody else does.


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