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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Moved and I'm Still Alive!

Woohoo...98% of our stuff is officially moved!

Details will have to wait...I am still without internet.

Pray I can find my 4-year-old's underwear in the labyrinth of boxes (oops!).


  1. Having moved myself recently, I hope everything continues to go well for you guys. I know what a trial it can be to move just myself, let alone a whole family :).

  2. I'm glad you're moved. I really hope you can find those undies!

  3. We did find the undies, in the last possible place they could be...short of buried in the backyard.

    We are connected, albeit via dial-up. This is going to be interesting, I already miss the pretty pictures (I'm loading without graphics to speed it up).


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