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Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me Monday: Not My Floor!


When I arrived at the new (to us) house to confirm the finish color for the upstairs floors we were having refinished, my jaw did not drop to my knees as I tiptoed over the rough sanded 1st floor. The floor that was in good shape. The floor that was not perfect but had a nice aged patina to it. The floor the Antiques Roadshow people would probably shoot you for sanding down.

houseandkids 068

One of the 1st floor rooms, before the sanders arrived.

Nope, did not happen.

I called up to the workers on the 2nd floor and moseyed on up to see my well sanded upstairs floors. They were beautiful. Truly. We went through each room, the guy (I’m naming no names!) showed me the imperfections (who wants perfection in a 100+ year-old house?).

houseandkids 018 One of the upstairs rooms, before the sanders arrived.

houseandkids 012

And another. Something tells me they didn’t go upstairs before they started sanding, what do you think?

Note: I don’t have pics, yet, but will get them up…promise!

I did not spend a full 15 minutes going over the rooms without saying a word about the 1st floor. We did not go downstairs and compare stain samples that had been brushed onto the rough-sanded 1st floor, without saying a word about the fact that it was a rough-sanded floor. And the guy (no names, remember?!), did not turn to me and ask if we were planning to carpet the first floor. Nope. Did not happen.

He did not tell me the story of how they arrived at the house, compared the notes on the job, and realized that they needed a coarser grit. The foreman did not leave to get the coarse grit. One of the workmen did not get done tightening loose boards, decide to stop wasting time and get started sanding while the foreman was gone…only to find that when he got back the square footage didn’t match and it was the wrong floor. Glad they had the right house.

So, we are a week behind schedule due to the hiccup, ahem.

There is a silver lining…we get the the floors in the whole house (except the laminate kitchen) refinished for the price of doing the 2nd floor.

Only problem with that is, can I let the boys run their little cars over my new floors?

Or whack them with light sabers?

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