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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dial-Up Internet...It's Pretty Ugly

After a few days of dial-up I was thinking, "Hey, this ain't so bad."

A little slower, but that keep me from mindlessly wandering over endless mounds of information. That's probably a plus.

And if I turn off graphics, pages load much more quickly, perfect for getting through pages of emails and skimming over forum and blog posts.

Then I spent about an hour designing a new blog header.

And uploaded it to my blog.

And previewed it.

And immediately deleted it.

It was a huge blur!

Thought there was something wrong with my file. So I uploaded my old header and took a look at that. And started looking at the other pics on my blog. And they were all pixelly bloboids (yes, that's a technical term).

Logos on commercial sites are pixelated and filled with artifacts...nope, it ain't pretty. It's actually pretty ugly.

This is liable to really change the way I look at the internet.


  1. It's only been about two years now since I've been able to get DSL. I wouldn't ever want to go back. The memories of trying to navigate the blog world on dial-up wasn't much fun. I used to read while I waited for pages to load. Ordering digital photos? Not pretty either. Good luck!

  2. Yep, dial-up just plain stinks. When it was my only option, I dealt with it; but like Lisa said, I wouldn't want to go back now. :) I'm spoiled!

  3. I hear you, we just got DSL 2 years ago ourselves, but with the move to another state in an area where all the DSL ports are taken, we're having to give it up, at least temporarily. At least I hope it's temporary:-)


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